Peters Sellers predicted American Politics 2018 in 3 Movies

The Mouse That Roared.
Being There.
Those 3 wonderful movies explain more about American politics in 2018 then any 300 movies you could come up with,

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I think that you may have missed The Magic Christian.

To be fair, Peter Sellers didn’t predict it, the script writers did.

Oh. I dunno… I can think of lots more. Battlestar Galactica - Redeux. While not prescient it featured a great many facets of politics which were current then and now…especially exposing the tricks of the left. In one episode Captain Adama allows a military tribunal to take place but has to end it when (as he calls it) it becomes a “witch hunt.” Shades of Mullard!

The most naked expose of dems ever done X10 was and is House Of Cards. About dems written by dems exposing dem treachery…and yet evidently the cast and crew never watched a single show bekez they are still liberal dems.

Lots and lots of movies where libs show lib stuff…but they never seem to learn from it. Stephen King is a GREAT example. He has written things from time to time exposing the hypocrisy of the left…but then…I don’t think he ever read a thing he wrote. I got his message… But he didn’t. And that’s the way it is generally.

The left can write right…when they are paid. Looks like. (They think it’s make believe…I guess.)

Actually I’d say Mike Judge did a much better job in 2006 of predicting what Trump’s America would be like.


The Manchurian Candidate would be more like it.

Hey, Sellers was in the original Lolita, which seems oddly relevant . . .

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Not my joke but… this is the plot of House of Cards with the cast of Veep

I’ll better your 3 movies with 1.


Well considering I was giving the point of View someone spending their teen years under ground pulling ALERT in Strategic Air Command… I will give you all your points, If you will do the same to me. :slight_smile:

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was a complete allegory of monotheistic religion, civil liberties and the war on terror. The third season was specifically referencing the occupation of Iraq and insurgency.

Great show, it existed in it’s perfect time, but I always wonder what it could have been if it was being made now instead of 14 years ago. Netflix? HBO? At worst we wouldn’t have gotten “frak” and no useless bottle episodes.

You do know it was a reboot, don’t you?

I’m insulted.

An amazing film for its time. A film that still roars down the long years… The wackist portion liberal view of the time which proved to be so very very awesomely in err… And guess who sponsored it? Hollywood. The same people who attempt to guide us down the primrose path today. The principals outlined below were NOT out of the mainstream of Hollywood at the time…

Still a happy fantasy to some portion of upwards of 30% of the nation…

And of course we mustn’t forget…


We’re living 1984 today

Not the best film. The book is a much better primer for the depravities of modern American socialism.

The thing is Mx. Sulli that when one has watched all the old movies one knows that the political scene in America today is just the reruns. (And one also pretty much knows how it will end.) Nothing new under the sun and all that jazz.

What small country declared war on the US and won?

When did we have a nuclear war caused by deranged General?

Well, we did have Obama. One out of three.