Peter (the stud) Strzok

I remember when Hillary was first supposedly being investigated. Hannity talked about the lower echelon of the FBI threatening to walk if comey didn’t stop covering for her & do his job. Reading some of these posts, it’s obvious that some don’t hold the highest LE in the land any more accountable than the cop who walks a beat…

How do you know what he is like?

Say what you will now, but if he had been banging a porn star you’d be giving him a fist bump and an atta boy.

That’s a fact, Sneaky. If there were many FBI like him we’d be in trouble.

Admit it - you just made this up. Not a very Christian-like thing to do…

You must have missed the word “imagine” in my post or you’d know it’s made up.

I couldn’t find it in your OP.

Can you imagine the Strzok’s setting down to breakfast & his wife telling him to “go fund yourself”?

Admit it - you just made this up. Not a very Christian-like thing to do…

In your OP you didn’t use the word “imagine”.

Did you hear this? From what source? Or did you make it up?

Let me put it in a way that any moron can understand. IT WAS A JOKE!
Now let me put it in plain English. Strzuk’s wife: Peter, GO ■■■■ YOURSELF".

I think that everybody understood you were trying to make a funny. You started an entire OP because you thought your pun was humorous.

Humor is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, even though I ‘got’ the joke, I thought it was kind of boring. Yay for puns about other peoples marriages, I guess.

I guess there really is nothing left to discuss. I’ll keep an eye out for your next joke thread.

Don’t bother. Speaking of boring YOU ARE TOO.

How come I’m boring you? Are you upset that I made you admit your OP was a falsity?

No, no. Duck. I’m going pay attention to your comedy career here on I really wish you the best in improving your routine.

Continue being yourself, my friend.

That’s so nice!

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Give him a year he will change his story to being an atheist.

Kind of how he went from being a police officer to being someone who has been in jail lots.

He wears it on his face.

I’ve seen the text messages.

I listen to him testify.

His problem is not so much the banging, although that’s bad enough.

But he didn’t did he, he banged the hired help. Do you believe this started while they were on Mueller’s team?

Hired help is an awfully misogynistic way of describing Lisa Page.

Should have stuck to something less anachronistic like womenfolk.

You have a nice day now.