Peter (the stud) Strzok

Did you hear that Peter Strzok has now started a “go fund me” account? He has now raised nearly 1/2 Million bucks.

I heard this is what he’s doing, because his wife told him to “go fund yourself”. Go get em stud, your wife still loves you!

BTW, all the money he raises will go to his lawyers, not his wife.

Can you imagine the Strzok’s setting down to breakfast & his wife telling him to “go fund yourself”?

It’s hilarious when you compare it to Papadopolous’s gofundme donations.

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An FBI agent can have his own personal political beliefs and express them. Strzok and Page had around 50,000 messages using government computers.
A regional head of my old agency was fired in part for using the government telephones to make long distance charges.
If you have personal politics to discuss, don’t use government computers.
And especially if you are at the top of investigations involving two candidates don’t use government computers during those investigations to tell how you will see (regarding the investigation of one) that you will see that “that doesn’t happen” when talking about his election or not to be too tough on the other one because she may be President.
As the IG report says, it colors the investigations.

There are many thousands that were sure we the people would put the crook hillary in office & they would never ever have to answer for all these disgusting antics.

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Good thing the Pardon President got elected instead. Hell, he still hasn’t even gone after “Crooked Hillary”.

That was a crazy spin on the truth. Is that how you actually are digesting his actions?

I don’t see how he had the time to create the Go Fund Me account. Generating as many texts as he does requires he wear a diaper so he won’t have to take the time to go to the bathroom. He might have to be fed by an IV so he doesn’t have to break to eat. I feel sorry for the guy.

It was a political firing. Never a good thing.

Government operates at a pace where you can deem the firing how ever you please but there was more than enough evidence to justify it months ago…period. Comey should have been fired on day one but he wasn’t…allowing you the same conclusion but his actions warranted it to happen long before it did.

His actions warranted a 60 day suspension and demotion. He was fired for political reasons.

You have very low standards and the FBI must be way above yours. That’s why he was fired.

There is nothing honorable about Strzok.

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I don’t pretend to know what the proper punishment should be so my standards are irrelevant.

The standards of the FBI were 60 day suspension and demotion.

The firing was political.

How do you arrive at that?
50,000 texts to his mistress on a government provided device?
If the time consumed was 1 minute per text, that’s 104 work days doing nothing but texting back and forth to his sweetie…
Regardless the content of the texts, If he worked for me I’d fire his ass in a heartbeat.

First of all, who texts at one per minute? Second, how many texts were sent at work? Third, how many were regarding work?

Third, I didn’t arrive at that collusion about demotion and 60 day suspension. The Office of Professional Responsibility did. That’s the group of people tasked with determining the proper punishment for violations. His firing was political.

I’d dare wager that his value of service to the US far excels your own.

The country always needs a man who can generate 50,000 texts without developing finger paralyses.

In your religion, perhaps. I’m at peace knowing I’m nothing like that son of a bitch.