Peter Strzok Gets Fired

Listening to the news and apparently Peter Strzok has been fired.

I don’t have any link, sorry.

Will look for one.

Guess his evil ways got the best of him.

Well I said he needed to be held accountable for the personal texting on duty.

Looks like he has been.

Apparently Dep. Dir Bowdich ordered the firing even though the FBI internal disciplinary board ordered a 60-day suspension and demotion. I think we can guess that the FBI is more concerned about its reputation at this point than employee relations.

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I wonder why now?

The CEC will by hyperventilating breathlessly over this, despite the fact that it’s abundantly clear it was a political hit. The FBI recommended demotion, and instead he was ordered fired. Someone’s cheeto stained tiny fingerprints are all over this little hit.


Testing the waters to fire Rosenstein or Mueller.

Well yeah.

What with daily trashing from the President and Republicans in Congress and from all the Trump media, who can blame them.

Hopefully this will be an object lesson to all Government employees, especially in the FBI.

Why not now?

Frankly I think the optics were bad enough, but the actual time spent doing all of that personal communicating with government equipment to boot was the clincher I think. That would have had me looking to fire him more than his political opinions.

It only takes a few seconds to text, and many of he texts were after hours (though on a company device).

Clearly bad judgement. Demotion, absolutely.

But we all know he wouldn’t have been fired were he criticizing Hillary. Why? Because the NY FBI office was actively leaking things to Gilluliani and Nunes to get damaging info to the press. Not a one of them has been fired yet.


So I guess the First Amendment rights of Federal employees are another thing lost under the corrupt disaster known as Donald Trump.

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What did he do recently that warranted him being fired that he didn’t do months ago?

Federal employees have First Amendment rights. He never should have been fired.

He utterly destroyed a panel of clowns holding a Kangaroo Court on Live TV, that’s why.


Now he can write a book. :slight_smile:

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Elections have consequences.

I’ve wondered about this issue of the phone text. Apparently these are work phones provided by the government so the employees can’t expect any privacy whatsoever? Can voice calls also be monitored? I don’t know the time of day these texts were made, but if they were after-work hours I don’t see how these should be released and not kept confidential. (I’ve never worked for an employer who provided a phone). If the employer permits personal use of the phone then some degree of privacy should be called for. Obviously you could say Strzok and Page were stupid for not texting using personal phones but I wonder if they had any idea their non-work related communications were not private.

Ka Ching Ka Ching

Maybe he and Omarosa can get together and show poor Sean Spicer how to write an NYT Best Seller?


On the FBI issued phones one has no expectations of privacy.

I think we can also safetly say the order to fire him came directly from Wray whose is demonstrating he wants a fresh start or at least that doesn’t want the headaches of bad publicity. Can’t blame him.