Pet Sematary (2019)

I saw the 2019 version of Pet Sematary today, and I liked it.

I liked the dark tones and settings as well as the performances. I didn’t liked the slow-pacing in the film, but I think the end results will be well worth it.

As for the 1989 version, I liked both versions. Both are good on its own worth, but I do have a soft spot for the 1989 version.

I hope there will be a prequel if the film is successful.

I enjoyed watching this film and recommend everyone to see it.

I give it a grade of an B+.


John Lithgow is a really good actor.

Cool. The original is a guilty pleasure for me.

Re: prequel

That would have always made an interesting story.

It was okay. Starting to think that past a certain age, there’s nothing Hollywood can depict in terms of supernatural terror that’s scarier than real life. I think the last time I felt a thrill of visceral terror was the very end of Blair Witch Project in '99. Something about seeing that kid standing quietly in the corner of the basement and it dawning on me what it meant…shudder.

It was okay but it used way too much infrasound.

If your not aware of what infrasound is its low frequency noise below the range of human hearing. While it you can’t hear it, you can absolutely feel it. Horror movies have long used it as it makes people feel unsettled. I can always tell when a movie is using it because I get a tightness in my shoulder blades and literally start squirming over it. This movie had it cranked to the max. The idea behind it is the unsettling feeling makes you tense and scared but there comes a point when it just makes you ill which is how I was feeling yesterday.

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Try The Ritual on Netflix

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I’ve never really been a fan of horror movies. They don’t frighten me.

Horror video games, I like. Dead Space (the first one) is how I feel horror should be done. That game makes you feel vulnerable. And that’s what makes things scary.