People with Left Brains or Right Brains and how we deal with life

I’m a left brain kind of guy, which means more often than not I take things literally.

For example, if I see a headline for “City issues Stay at Home Order,” to me that means - you stay at home and can’t leave.

If you don’t have to stay at home - if you can go to grocery store, go for a drive - but just can’t congregate with people on a beach or in a park - then to me that isn’t a Stay at Home Order, that’s a Don’t Congregate Outside order!

Same thing with the Bible. If I believed in God, then I would take the Bible literally - earth created in 7days, animals 2 by 2 on the ark, etc. - which is one reason why I don’t believe in God or the Bible, just cuz there’s no way all the animals on the earth would fit on an ark… If you take the Bible literally it makes no sense.

So for those who’d care to participate - what are you, left brain, right brain, or a combination of both?

I’ve taken at least a dozen left brain right brain tests and I continue to blow both sides of my mind every time, because I invariably score right down the middle. I am both brained.

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I’d have to say a combo, but definitely more right leaning.

I am the most unorganized person on the planet…but love math and sit on numberous boards due to my ability to discern intricate details on a financial statement. I can help with what’s being tackled at the meetings…if I can just remember to be there? :sunglasses: