People who have now officially recovered from COVID-19 far surpass those who perished

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When one looks at what has happened in the USA and Australia why is there such a discrepancy between the two?

This is not true.

Yes it is!:rofl::rofl:

No- it’s not.

The number of people who fought in wars and survived far outweigh those that have fought in wars and died!
Proving that wars aren’t really deadly and we don’t need to do things to prevent them!


Then you need to explain why the country isn’t shut down every year when people are dying from the flu?

No- I need to explain no such thing.

You need to drop your blinders and learn.

Seems to me you need to learn some facts like masks don’t work.

Approach to testing is not exactly consistent applied whether between countries and even among states here in America. The United States has easily tested in excess of 10% of its residents. Hard to argue if Australia % was approaching an overall 10% test rate of all population there then finite # of positive cases will also be on the rise.

What’s Australia’s mortality rate?

I suspect even with far less testing your nation is higher per thousand than ours here in USA?

@NickN Currently Australia has recorded 128 deaths;, 3,744 current active cases; and 12,894 total cases. With respect to testing see the breakdown by state/territory below.

Summary of testing for COVID-19 in Australia

State Total tests % positive tests Tests per 100,000 people
NSW 1,218,155 0.30% 15,006
VIC 1,361,238 0.46% 20,532
QLD 466,479 0.23% 9,119
SA 192,436 0.23% 10,956
WA 227,546 0.29% 8,650
TAS 61,810 0.37% 11,542
NT 20,348 0.15% 8,285
ACT 42,723 0.26% 9,980
Australia 3,590,735 0.35% 14,101

Thank goodness Australia has not been already been more severely impacted with this plague like many others countries.

In England our Secretary of State is seeking to form a global coalition against China. What are you hearing down under about Aussie government joining US on this initiative?

Hey and there are about 800k abortions in the US per year vs 4 million births. So I guess abortion is finally no big deal too. Yay!(?)

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I will preface my comment with our current PM is a twice failed ad man who thought it was a good idea to go on holidays to Hawaii in the middle of our bush fire crises. His government is full of right wing nut jobs. It would be complete and utter folly to follow the likes of bojo and trump/pompeo down that hole. It is an attempt to divert blame from the incompetence of bojo and his government’s handling of the pandemic. Similarly, for Trump and Pompeo. So it is possible that Morrison will again show appalling political judgment and hitch us to this idiocy.

I note that you didn’t comment on Australia’s testing rate relative to the USA’s.

Testing philosophy decided by states here is for states to maneuver. We got 50 of them, so guidance of Fed goes only so far. Trump has not stopped supporting states in testing as they see fit. Obama admin was behind suspending testing during another health crisis. Look it up and the number of global deaths. Like Australia here with coved-19, Obama was fortunate by blind luck casualties here in USA were not a lot worse back then.

I believe there is a money bill being negotiated at the moment. It has been reported that Trump wants to dump money from it that is earmarked for testing and contract tracing.

Could you please clarify whether you were suggesting that Australia has been lucky with respect to COVID-19?

Yes, spread here in USA more rampant simply because of total people incoming infected who then traveled from China (direct or indirect) eventually landed up here more than anywhere else. If Trump did not enact bans issues early on would of been even worse. Add how many more tests here than anyplace else results in the absolute # of deaths attributable to covid-19. Also no clear way to tell how many more of covid-19 testing positive were terminally ill beforehand catching the virus, meaning they would be dead soon regardless. Plus how does anyone for sure if some deaths went to a cause other than covid-19 simply because such people were never tested before or subsequent to passing?

Australia’s relative success in handling the COVID-19 pandemic is not a matter of luck. If was taken seriously by all states’, territories’ and federal government. We formed a national cabinet that coordinated our approach. This was expanded to include the NZ PM as well. Our recently spike in cases in Victoria is subject to a judicial inquiry but reports thus far it has been as a result of a breakdown in hotel quarantine. The state government has tightened restrictions and mandated the use of masks in Melbourne and a regional area.

The much vaunted travel ban by Trump doesn’t wash because Australia introduced travel restrictions from China around the same time. I provided the testing levels competed in Australia. On a per capita basis how does Australia’s testing compared to the USA?

It is a spurious argument the suggestion that some of those who may have died from COVID-19 were terminally ill. If a person who is terminally ill is murdered the person who committed the murder would still be charged. The defence that the person would be dead soon regardless would be laughed out of court.

A few points you may want to ponder and perhaps choose to address:

  1. The US Task Force is every bit as competent, If not superior, as your National Cabinet coordinated approach. Add to that every state here had their own task forces too.

  2. Here in the USA, we have a thing called the Tenth Amendment providing the powers “reserved” to the states. I am sure you saw how most states shut down their local economies including assemblies to even attend church outside. Rationalizing and allowing/encouraging peaceful protesting ever since George Floyd aftermath was in direct conflict with the “science” argument.

  3. In person school re-openings this coming fall are also being delayed against the science/data that youths are very, very low risk. How is Australia handling their youth/college openings?

  4. Furthermore, does Australia gives it provinces the power to mandate people to be vaccinated or else be subject to indefinite quarantine like here in the USA?

  5. It took Trump precisely 10 days after 1st case detected here in America on Jan 21st to initiate travel ban involving China. According to this article attached herein, it took Australia 47 days from its 1st reported case to start its more lockdown measures. The China government dominated World Health Organization declared this a global pandemic on March 12th. Thus, USA when they introduced 15 day slow the spread mandate and Australia were on identical timelines for both travel and initial lock downs. Ever consider the cover up by China was in large part intended to make matters worse here for Trump re-elections bid more difficult to say the least?

  1. According to this source, USA currently out tests Australia daily per 1,000 people 2.36 vs 2.25.
  1. Nursing homes deaths in NY, NJ, MI, PA account for a large # of total deaths. Investigations are ongoing in most if not all these states listed above to understand how governors mandated via executive orders that even patients coming from hospitals, even known to be tested positive for the virus were required to be admitted. Add to that how many were reported on the ambulance transfer with body bags too. I mention the body bags as a reality check that many leaving the hospital were not covid-19 positive but still likely sent out with terminal illness. It is common practice in USA people expected to die are often sent home to die during ordinary times.

  2. Unlike Italy, not one person died in America has been reported to date here of being denied a ventilator in any individual recovery efforts. Now America leads the world in such production because of the Trump administration. Did Australia acquire any such equipment from America? Also, can you provide me any specific examples how Australia helped out other countries too?

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  1. How many weeks did D. Trump not talk to Dr Fauci?
  2. There were many governors who were calling for a coordinated approach to the acquisition of ventilators, PPE etc. How does the 10A preclude such an approach? With respect to BLM protests there have been several marches in several cities in Australia.
  3. Schools have been opened for in-person teaching since around the end of April in my state of WA.
  4. I can provide a link to the Australian Constitution if you are interested.
  5. Around the 2nd February travel restrictions from China came into effect in Australia.
  6. I provided the current stats, as of a day or so ago, with respect to Australia’s testing.
  7. I am sure that there will be investigations to see what was done right and wrong in many countries, including Australia and the USA, to allow improved strategies in handling future pandemics.
  8. I am not sure exactly what point you are trying to make.
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