People who have now officially recovered from COVID-19 far surpass those who perished

Yet the CDC site does not seem to track weekly like other key metrics.

Anybody out there who can share such data collected from other websites please do.

I assume (many) states websites have that this type of data on their own respective websites.

However, I for one, could not easily locate such key metrics myself in NY, the state who leads the country in cumulative fatalities for the deadly virus.

Don’t hold me to exact ratios but I thought I heard someone report on radio yesterday say that not only New York but New Jersey too already have twice as many people officially “recover” vs cumulative fatalities in their respective states. Then in the state of Massachusetts it was said it is even better news with something like a 7 to 1 ratio of cumulative recoveries of individuals over total Covid-19 deaths.

Anybody who is aware of specific data like this for other states please post it up here right away.

Also any other specific websites which collects such granular details please share- let us know.

It would only make sense…originally they thought it would be 3% deaths if I remember correctly.

Agreed-common sense for sure.

However, quite a contrast with NY being 2:1 vs MASS like 7:1.

Still not sure on exactly what to expect?

I know of a elderly lady in Pa (her daughter goes to my church). The daughter(in her 40s) went to visit her mom for a week. The day after she got there, the mom and step dad came down with it. The mom is in poor health and awaiting a lung transplant and she gets this. The mom and the step dad beat it, but did have a difficult time kicking it. The daughter was stuck there for two weeks and said the first few days she couldnt taste anything or smell anything. After that she was fine.

I think the govt looked at 3 to 5% death rate, times a population of 350m equals up to 22m deaths, and over reacted.Time will tell and I may be wrong, but if a lady waiting a lung transplant can kick this, I expect a lot of people to be able to kick it to.

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Seems like the task force headed by the VP was spot on early when they showed the model of between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths was achievable with social distancing and faithfully following CDC guidelines.

With mass testing daily continuing to ramp up we should also know in the coming weeks whether or not mortality rate will further decrease or not. Thus, recovery rates could also be on the rise too…

Here are cases, recoveries and deaths:

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Saw this yesterday, does this mean the pandemic is over for New York?

Thanks Janet_M. If you find anything for USA by state and counties please share as well.

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I hope they are but we aren’t even through the 1st wave.

No it does not. And yes Cuomo is going to look like an even bigger idiot than he already.does for his Trump-like victory lap

If there is a 2nd wave the USA will be ready for it.

Also we will likely get a 2-minute warning as it will hit other countries before us (Italy, S Korea, etc.)

What makes you think that when pandemics are based off of deaths? no deaths no pandemic!

Like we were ready for the 1st? Other countries are going back to normal. We still haven’t even started to contain it yet. Our numbers are STILL climbing.

Not one country was exempt from what the Chinese government chose to do here in covering it up from the rest of the world. Containing the virus at the source was the only real way where spread beyond Wuhan could be in large part stopped. Even then, the chances of further spread in China would of still likely happened. The world could of come to the aid of China too…

Um ok. Except other countries have contained it while we haven’t. But hey, let’s just ignore that because we’re number one! Or something.

I do wonder what recovery looks like for some.

My godfather caught it and was on a vent for 17 days. He is now considered recovered because he tests negative. He needs a kidney transplant and cannot walk.

I wish people would take this seriously.

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In my opinion, the understanding of this virus is inadequate to make definite conclusions on its status. Reinfections, long haulers, those who test negative yet remain very sick, those who roll to recovered lists but with life-long damage to their bodies.

I’ll wait till there is a consensus on these things until I venture out without a mask. I am lucky to be able to stay at home at still get paid. Very.

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There are still a lot of unknowns. And again, without the Chinese government cooperating the rest of the world must be more reactive than it ideally could of been.

Actually the number of recovered cases is much higher than the OP estimates.

Antibody testing shows that for every confirmed case there are roughly 10 to 50 times more people who have developed antibodies to the virus. In addition, many people very mild or asymptomatic cases fight off the virus with T cells and frequently test negative on the antibody tests. The real number of recovered cases could 100 times higher than what the confirmed cases would indicate.

. . . any government considering widespread antibody testing to assess the real impact of the disease will not detect COVID-19 survivors that no longer have antibodies circulating in their bloodstreams. Conclusions about “herd immunity” levels may be incorrect as a result.

Thanks for that info.

Also hearing some TV reports that new cases are sometimes double-triple or more counting positive’s for the exact same person. One person was said to be counted 15 different times in fact as a +. I

f true, that would also possibly make both actual cases reported positive as well as cumulative recovery #'s much lower than what is already reported.

Here is one by state: