People on the left I agree with sometimes

These two.

I used to solely identify as being on the political right, now I wonder if my more natural inclination is quite a way left of center, because I agree with those two people frequently. She is a little more out there but he is in my wheelhouse.

Isn’t he a conservative?

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Didn’t realize it, just looked it up and apparently he is but she’s on the left. Which is weird, haven’t ever seen them disagree on anything.

Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald are far left on most issues but they both see how corrupt corporate media has become. I have to agree with them on that understanding.

Video contains R-rated language:

If there is any doubt about their political views, the last few minutes includes them complaining that they both supported AOC but she has sold out her principles since Biden took office.

Watching the the last configuration of The Hill’s political entertainment show “Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton” was when I realized I had reached infotainment rock bottom.

Frankly, Glenn’s directorial work in “Hairy Studs Volume 4” is having more of a cultural impact these days than any of his recent writings.

In this thread conservatives discover the left doesn’t agree on everything.

Nope, that doesn’t surprise me, what surprises me is how much some of them sound like today’s conservatives. As in, possible allies. The Five asked Russel Brand to come on their show recently.

Todays Conservatism is more in line with Classical liberalism than the modern so-called Progressivism movement. Also modern Progressivism is essentially what the Academic elites want it to be. It does not have any traditional core foundation.

The progressives is akin to the bull moose party of 1912.


And la follette progressives of 1924.


And the Wallace progressive party of 1948

A long list of progressive parties in the United States.


The progressives are always ahead of the curve.


Who agrees?

I used to listen to the Young Turks broadcast but quit as they were too liberal for me.

I stumbled across the rising on YouTube, now breaking points after the duo detached from the hill, though i do remember Krystal Ball from her cable news pundit days. I’m trying to decide if i like watching them or if they are just anti establishment as a niche.

I would add Bill Mar to the list. He can be fairly common sense-ish from time to time.