People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds

Now before you libby libs get too excited, note above that it isn’t based on party. Seems like a crisis when the most active voting group is also the least informed by facts and truth regardless of party…

Technologies have changed really quickly, and with the Internet, scams are on the rise. Unsurprisingly, the elderly fall prey a disproportionate percentage of the time.

My mother, who is part of this group, will occasionally give me a call and describe a popup that appears on her screen or an email that she’s received.

More than ninety percent of the time, my answer is either “That’s a scam,” or “You have a virus on your computer.”

It doesn’t surprise me in the least for the elderly, who used to rely on Walter Cronkite and “reliable” news, to fall victim to the hysterics of Fox News or MSNBC.

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That tracks with everything I have seen.

Does the study give the specific main sources of that fake news?

That would be a really bad idea. Once you do that everything turns political. And we all know that politics ruins everything it touches. Even legitimate studies.

I disagree. If certain sources are the core of the fake news, we need to know.

Transition: This study does not reach a conclusion I prefer therefore I shall label it politically biased.

Okay I will tell you how this plays out.

  1. If they claim that the source is conservative media, conservatives freak out and claim the entire study is garbage.

  2. If they claim that the source is liberal media, liberals freak out and claim the entire study is garbage.

So the study is lost among political bickering. The point is gone. We both know this is true.

I’ve always wondered why that is. Does cynicism erode at older ages? Perhaps part of that journey back to being a child, considering children are notoriously trusting?

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Strange how the same older people who seem to fall for fake news also tend to vote conservative in much higher numbers.

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I guess you meant to say translation or something? Who are you translating for? Somebody out there speaking Arabic or maybe Chinese?

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“Did you know…”

Yes. Translation. No, not translating for Arabic or Chinese. Did you see any of those characters in my post? Do you know the definition of translation?

Also, other kinds of scams. I guess they’re all of a piece.

Anecdotally, I have to deal with this a lot in my family.

Do you know the definition of sarcasm? :roll_eyes:

Are you done trolling?