People don't go to jail for collusion. They do for bank fraud

No one should be surprised that asset inflation/deflation happens all the time among the 1%. Banks are complicit in it - all Deutsche Bank had to do was check property tax records to see that the Seven Springs property was worth maybe $20M, not 12x that.

It’s these kinds of everyday crimes that have brought down Manafort and Cohen. They’ll bring down Trump and his family too.

I’m sure that Mueller had to be consulted about what Cohen could testify to. If Wednesday’s testimony was the “crumbs”, how much damning evidence has Mueller compiled?

People are tired of Cohen.

They’re tired of hearing about Cohen in general.

Especially his lies.

Echoes of Al Capone.

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What are echoes of a Liberal corrupt Gangster from Chicago, IL.?

Do you hear what I hear?

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Show me the collusion that was yelled from the rooftops or shut the ■■■■ up?

Unless…every President past, present and future is treated the exact same way, I have a hard time finding relevance of anything in this so called investigation. This was all done in what I conclude was an establishment illegal search and seizure making any evidence found, null and void in a court of law…cept the 9th.

Pity for Donald you don’t get to decide.

It wasn’t the original crime investigated that got Nixon either - it was the cover up afterwards.

For that matter, Clinton wasn’t impeached for the original crimes that started that investigation either. It was lying under oath that got him.


People are tired of hearing about TRUMP.

Especially his unprecedented volume of lies.

They’re tired of the disgrace he’s made of this country on the world stage.

Who cares about collusion at this point. His whole company was just one big criminal empire…and he needs to be in prison.

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What a bunch of garbage.

Stop defending this criminal-in-chief and defend your country instead!!!

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No collusion.

At this point that’s like Clinton yelling, “No Whitewater indictments”.

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Collusion was a no go. Time to try to fit the hat on another part of the hat rack.

So…do we need another special counsel?

Probably not. SDNY seems pretty capable. Now if Trump starts firing people involved in that investigation after telling them to stop, he may get another special counsel.

First of all, Mueller isn’t done. Secondly, What does it matter what the original investigation is for, if unrelated crimes are uncovered during the investigation?

Who says collusion is a no-go?

Why do you think you are entitled to a special sneak-peek of Mueller’s case against the orange garbage dump?

I’ve noticed an increasingly brazen trend of “crimes don’t matter if our side committed them” from the trumpsters here.

I’d love to point out that the liberals are clamoring for Epstein to be investigated and we all know that will be bad for Bill Clinton. You have to believe in some sense of right and wrong in the world…

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Not at all.

I think people are glad to hear from someone willing to expose Trump for what he is.

It’s not about Trump, it’s about the office of President, which is the very structure of that same country you speak of.

OK, let’s talk about the office, and what it means to this nation and the world. In the past week alone, President Trump has:

  • been credibly accused (with supporting evidence) of multiple instances of financial fraud
  • been credibly accused of having overridden intelligence agency warnings against issuing a security clearance to his son-in-law
  • embarrassed his office and the nation by supporting the word of a dictator over, well, everyone else

ONE of these would have created a major crisis in ANY other Administration. Instead, it’s just this week’s fail report. And the CEC continues to talk about him as if he were the 2nd coming of Reagan. How can REASONABLE people claim that he brings honor and respect to the office he holds?