Pentagon Sidesteps Trump to Ban the Confederate Flag

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper issued guidance that lists the types of flags that can be displayed on military installations — in barracks, on cars and on signs.

According to the guidance, appropriate flags include those of American states and territories, military services and other countries that are allies of the United States. The guidance never specifically says that Confederate flags are banned, but they do not fit in any of the approved categories — and any such flags are prohibited.

Well played, Mark Esper. Today’s Friday, so expect your pink slip around 6PM.


Well played sir well played


Trying to save Trump from himself. Don’t pat him on the back too hard.

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True- I’m sure Esper didn’t dream this up on his own.

How is that side-stepping Trump?

Esper’s memo mentions rejecting “divisive symbols.”

Exceptions include museums, license plates, grave sites, and works of art.

USMC banned the flag in spring, followed by the Navy announcing it was preparing a ban as well (source: Politico) before they were told to pause until a department wide policy could be issued. Will be interesting to see how the CiC responds.


“Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper’s memo goes after the many American soldiers, Marines and airmen who display Confederate flags and other symbols in their barracks and in parking lots on military installations.”

What’s truly ignorant are all those who believe these men are racists for flying this flag. Although I believe what the Secretary is doing is the right thing due to it potentially sowing division, what I also know is by far the majority of those men displaying that flag, do so, because they are proud of their southern heritage. Outsiders looking in see racists. Insiders know it has nothing to do with hate but a love of the rural areas, fast cars, jacked up trucks, country music, NASCAR, enjoying moonshine, gravel roads and saying y’all with a southern drawl.

They may not be racist but Ignorance in 2020 isn’t a good excuse either. They all should know by now what that flag is and why it maybe hurtful to their brothers in arms.

They don’t need a flag of losers and slavers to keep their southern heritage.


Maybe YOU should put down your hate and attempt to understand their POV? That said, I agree. The flag could invite divisiveness from those that may take it personal and therefore should not be allowed due to it’s history.

I do. I understand they were lied to, for generations. That’s why I said they MAY NOT be racist for flying the flag but they are ignorant.

If these people choose to fly the flag, after finding out its true meaning, then I start to lean towards them being racist. They would know it’s a flag representing the fight to keep slavery and still ignore it.

“May take it personal” :rofl:

EVERYONE should have a problem with it. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.


It shouldn’t fly over any government buildings.

Privately, it’s the business of the property owner. It’s not mine or any other citizen’s business.

Personally I don’t fly it and I never will. It’s got a tarnished past and it’s irredeemable.

If someone else flies it, more power to them I guess.

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I have many more important things in my life to "give a ■■■■ " over and that isn’t one of them. Now…that said, I love my fellow Americans and can understand why someone of color would. Therefore, it has no place in the military. Unity is paramount…period.

Think it’s more of an inference. Trump probably doesn’t care, or at least only cares if it helps or hurts him politically.

Inferred from his comments about people who “love” the confederate flag aren’t thinking about slavery, disagreeing with the NASCAR ban, first amendment issues, etc. He has been critical of the flag in the past though.

Still not sure why the military or any government agency would allow the display of a foreign flag.


I have said it before…

People are free to fly the Confederate all day long. It is their right to do so.

Just don’t act surprised and offended if others think that you are a racist ■■■■■■■ or an idiot for doing so. It’s 2020 and you have been told.

Didn’t this already happen a while ago?

That’s how violent people feel too.

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“Heritage”. The confederacy lasted 4 years.


Welcome to America!

As a southerner, I see it as a symbol of trauma.

The south sacrificed a generation of its sons under the Confederate regime. And it wasn’t a cause to be proud of.

There are many other symbols that do a better job of representing our heritage.


Welcome to the leftist mentality of political action through violence.* :wink: