Pension Reform In Russia

Republicans invaded Russia and pushed Grandma and Grandpa off the cliff.

obviously the oligarchs want all the money for themselves.

how corrupt of the rich in an egalitarian utopia.

socialism is great till it goes broke.

I don’t think that this is going to go the way that you think it is going to go.


What the theme of this thread?

You mean the country that cut taxes does not have the money to pay for their pension promises?

they need to cut taxs more…

republicans have taken over Russia.

the theme is that some in America think everything can be free, and in Russia things have been free. Doesn’t work there and it wont work here. OBVIOUSLY

You see… what I got out of the article was there was a promise made to coal workers and the town that supported it that if one worked there that they would be taken care of.

Then the oligarchs pillaged the public wealth for private gain and left labor with the short end of the stick…

So if you are saying that Republicans are like that…

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I knew you would get that, it is your Marxist bias. Maybe it is the sanctions and the dems are pushing Russians off the cliff.

It’s not a Marxist bias. It is a bias based in facts.

Maybe it is the sanctions… of course who doesn’t get harmed by the sanctions? The people who pillaged the public wealth of the nation.

It isn’t about wanting anything for free, it is about getting what one was promised for selling their labor.

they did not sell their labor, the state gave them a job. just like on the plantation.

What a wierd reaponse.

the state provided for everybody, just like the plantation

forced labor you know.

Dude- Russia isn’t socialist.

It’s a kleptocracy.

I think this is one of those times where you had an idea that sounded just AWESOME in your head…and then you posted it for all to see.


only you think there is no socialism in Russia, only you, most people think it is mixed like us.

Upping the social security age ha been discussed for 30 or so years in this country do let me try again. What’s the theme of this thread?

asked and answered. but dems are slow

Lose billions due to sanctions and shale oil, spend billions on the Olympic Games and World Cup, raise pension age to try to pay for it without increasing average lifespan, how is that socialism?

that is called globalism, same as socialism.

Try the other way around.