Pennsylvania Republicans VS Governor Tom Wolf

Things could get real ugly for governors nation wide, if this second wave is bad.

Hopefully November is going to be very hard on a lot of Democrat Governors and Mayors over the handling of the outbreak and for allowing the rioters and looters to run free.


I really do hope “the light” goes off in everyone’s head that this insanity around the nation has a common denominator called the Democrat Party. It makes a few rich…while enslaving so many others…black, white and every other skin pigmentation.


If the second wave gets bad it will probably be because of all the rioting…which these same governors went along with. :roll_eyes:

Must be why we’re one of only a handful of states with a steep decline in COVID numbers over an extended period. If only we had Ron DeSantis question mark.


Creepy Daryl, leading the charge!

What a weirdo.

If only we had stayed open like Arizona. They’re doing well I heard.


Same thing here in Michigan, Whitmer was targeted by armed lunatics who stormed our capital building while Trump egged them on. Folks were losing their minds about how strict she was.


We are hitting it out of the park, Michigan is doing amazing. And the GOP is trying to recall Whitmer.

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Yeah same thing here but the GOP is getting it’s ass handed to them here. The top Republican in the legislature, Mike Turzai, was forced to resign recently.

I always thought Wolf was a bit of a dishrag but he’s really been holding it down like a gangster.

I was talking to my Brother the other day. He is one serious GOP dude, dyed in the wool.

And he was irate at Whitmer when she locked us down hardcore. Really pissed at her.

Now? He told me yesterday he is voting for Biden. Not a single other Democrat, just Biden. And he said it was because he saw how Whitmer led while Trump was going off on her and failing to do his job.

And he also called me a loser for being a Liberal, just to keep it solid that this is a one off.


Especially the Governor’s who used the caronaviruse to kill our elderly and inflate the numbers!

The Democrats are saving Social Security and Medicare! They developed Coronavirus to kill the elderly!!!

Ha! I mean, would he be your brother if he didn’t throw in the insult?!?!

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There is no doubt they murdered our elderly!

You haven’t.

Lol you wrong. Where’s the bottom of that graph.

It’s on the same page, it just wouldn’t all fit in the same window.

Slightly more than 1/3 our population 2/3 the number of cases and 3x as many deaths as Texas.

Something to really brag about I suppose.

It’s all good. Wolf went protesting without social distancing, so he can’t say ■■■■ anymore about it.

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Yeah you really feel like it was a stupid move considering where we’ve ended up? One of three?

PA is actually one of the states that bent the curve