Pennsylvania Legislature considers criminalizing female genital mutilation

A bill which would have made female genital mutilation (including a vacation cutting clause) a first degree felony in the State of Pennsylvania passed unanimously in the House of Representatives, but failed when the Senate adjourned for the year without taking action.

The bill will likely pass next year and be signed into law, making Pennsylvania the 28th State to outlaw FGM.

The (correct) decision to strike down the Federal statute gives new urgency to State by State passage of statutes and I think all States can and should enact bills into law before the end of 2019.

The Federal statute still stands as law in the District of Columbia, the territories, military bases and other places under exclusive Federal jurisdiction, just not in the States.

In 2018 in the US this is necessary.

Who is doing it?

That is pretty much what I wrote.

It is relatively rare, but any incidence at all is one incidence too many. While it likely could be handled under existing child abuse/child endangerment laws, an FGM statute is a relatively trivial matter to pass.

Who does it?

Generally African based immigrant communities (recent arrivals) and some Islamic immigrants from nations where FGM is customary.

Thanks you.

I’m for it.

Do male genital mutilation next.

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This case is what brought all of this on.

Since it’s not Christians I’m sure that it won’t get too much coverage.

Some Christians in Africa apparently do it as well.