Pence: Honoured to have you here Joe!


What a nice gesture from the deep well of morality and honour that is VP Pence. lol.

Arpaio is the guy who faked an assassination attempt on himself to get sympathy during an election run. He then went a step further and framed someone for it, his victim spent 4 years in Jail before being released and given a million dollars in a settlement.

And then later of course had to be pardoned by the President for contempt of court.

A tireless champion of the rule of law, indeed.

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Playing it to the crowd…


A PR stunt like all his other walk-outs and public demonstrations.

It’s amazing how many right-wingers have jumped on board the Arpaio support train. There are a handful who have had no problem condemning him, but the complete hypocrisy of those who continue to stand behind and defend him is really staggering.

The guy has made a career out of corruption and greed. Arpaio should be someone EVERYONE can agree is a bad person, yet here we are in 2018 with our pious VP praising him as a "“tireless champion of strong borders and the rule of law.”

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Dude outright framed someone.

It’s amazing that he skates on that.

But with Grimm and Blankenship both garnering good levels of support, even being convicted criminals isn’t enough to turn off Trumpy voters these days.

Actually both candidates are using their convictions as a bonus, evidence of Obama DoJ persecution or personal growth. :grin:.

It seems we have a big problem with sheriff corruption in the good ole’ US of A.

Have you been keeping up with the Alabama sheriff who gave himself a bunch of money (he was legally allowed to) from a fund that was supposed to be used to feed prisoners, bought himself a nice vacation home, and when a story broke about it, he trumped up charges against the author and had him arrested?

Arpaio is the perfect toady for the Donald Administration - he’s self-absorbed, clueless, and utterly amoral. That Pence was the one lauding him only underscores his own false piety.

With Arpaio in AZ and Blankenship in WV, there are some real sleazy characters running for Senate this year. Would love to see both of them win their primaries.

Dude was making pot butter in Alabama. Trumped up charges?

Why would he pal up with Arpaio? I never understand politicians and why they do half the crap they do. Is it just for votes, or is Pence really honored by Joe’s presence?

Arpaio’s base is Trump’s base. Pence needs them if he is going to run for president some day.

He was already charged by the city police department, but the sheriff’s office added a paraphernalia charge, another possession charged and a trafficking charge.

He was charged with trafficking as he had “2.3 pounds” which is 0.1 ounce more than what is needed for trafficking charges. The amount of pot he had only reached 2.3 (~1000 grams) pounds because they weighed the butter, even though the amount of weed used in the butter was only 14 grams (half an ounce).

According to the city police captain:

"…the Rainbow City Police Department does not consider the entire weight of something like marijuana butter a drug for purposes of calculating whether a suspect should be charged with trafficking.

“Our guys just charged him with possession,” Bryant said Monday. “You wouldn’t add the butter with that. It should be just the amount of marijuana … You can’t add the butter, it would just be the marijuana alone.”

Trafficking can warrant a life sentence in Alabama.

And this all happened ONLY AFTER Qualls, the guy charged, made comments that were used in a story criticizing the sheriff.

Qualls had worked for a landscaping company that landscaped the sheriff’s properties, and Qualls commented that he was paid via check from the “Sheriff Todd Entrekin Food Provision Account.” This basically outed the sheriff’s racket of spending as little $$ as possible to feed inmates, then pocketing the rest (which is legal in Alabama-about 50 sheriffs pad their own bank accounts doing this).

A reminded to Pence - Aprpio once faked an assignation attempt, and got an innocent man jailed for four years. This cost the tax payers $1M in settlement, and an innocent man 4years of life.

This is the kind of guy you are praising.

If its legal I’m not sure you call that corruption. Bad optics maybe.

Either way despite my stated position of supporting legalization of marijuana the fact is it is still illegal in Alabama. You do the crime, you do the time. Who the hell needs 2 lbs of butter laced with weed?

The corruption is feeding prisoners barely edible/expired/rotting food while a sheriff pockets hundreds of thousands of dollars and buys himself multiple homes. It can be corrupt while also being legal.

Reports and studies of Alabama prisons have shown massive problems with the food inmates are being served-and 50 sheriffs are making millions as a result.

I don’t disagree about the legality, but that doesn’t change that the additional charges against Qualls were very clearly added as a result of his blowing the sheriff’s cover and contributing to people becoming aware of what he was doing.

2 pounds of butter really isn’t as much as you think, whether or not it has pot in it. 2 lbs of butter is 8 sticks.

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You make good points, so I cant disagree with you there. I do have to question the intelligence of this man though. I mean if you are doing something you know is illegal, probably not the brightest thing to do to go running off the mouth about a Leo. That is just poking the bear.

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Don’t disagree there at all. Hell, even when you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s really good to…lock down your credibility and tread carefully in a situation like that.

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“Hey Joe, tell us more about how you know Obama’s birth certificate is a ‘phony document’”!

“…once the marijuana is mixed with the butter…”

I honestly thought Pence was a brght man, but all he has done is give the democrats a lovely little soundbite to use in the future. Why can’t these people keep their traps shut?