Pence faces hecklers shouting 'traitor' at religious conservative conference

Can Pence see more of of this type of heckling as he begins ramping up his speaking appearances ahead of 2022/4?

Shouts of “traitor” and “freedom” were heard coming from a small group

Emphasis mine.

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I would say so yes

I do not agree with this thinking at all. Pence did his very best at all times and was an important part of Team Trump success.

Go heckle the people who bent the rules to allow so many election questions. Not Pence who simply tried to get some suspect results examined and did not have the legal support to press the issue.


Tabloid gossip about a small group of unknown nobodies.


Probably. People can be jerks.

I would bet 90 percent agree. Pence was excellent with operation warp speed. The left and right have one thing in common. We each have our own nit wits to deal with.


Well, since the Media got so used to seeing only small groups attend Biden’s campaign rallies, they think that is significant. :wink:


What a sad joke the GOP has become. Shooting it’s own. Glad I’m out of that sorry excuse for a party.

How are you any better?

And Biden thumped Trump at the 2020 election result.

With the police speaking with one woman, it makes you wonder just how small the group was. Small group probably sounds better than a couple of people

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You can blame Trump for those hecklers of Pence. But you likely won’t.

The reason “we” have laws, is because “we” also have buttholes and it appears to me, that won’t change.

I would. Trump is never getting another vote from me. But I had already bailed before Jan sixth.

I will say Trump should give Pence more credit than he has. This is one of the reasons I don’t want Trump to run in 2024.

I do like the idea of him teasing a run until 2023 and taking the heat off of the actual contenders like Pompeo and Desantis and Scott and Blackburn.

Do you blame those people calling Pence a traitor on Trump? Does he bear any responsibility for that at all?

Pence was a traitor. Not traitor to America. Traitor to trump.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with my post. However, it does bring up a good point … how did Biden win the election without any sign of significant public support? :thinking:


What would indicate “significant public support” prior to the election?