Penatgon confirm 34 American injured in Iranian attack

They dont care buddy …telling you they dont care

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Nowhere near as bad as bone spurs


I’ve seen footage of the devastation and they KNEW that there were soldiers that had not made it into safe bunkers. But maybe, yes, Trump* didn’t know immediately, we can’t know that because he’s a liar.

But now that the truth is out, him minimizing it as “headaches” and not as bad as arms and legs blown off, is shameful, pathetic, sick, weak, and disrespectful. Dishonorable.


I didn’t say he was lying in this situation. What isn’t at question, is his dismissal of their injuries. What’s your opinion on those comments?

Come on. we were told that nothing happened. They blew up sand, there was damage to out buildings on the base. we were led to believe that, for two weeks. It was argued on here by many of us that the attack was largely symbolic. Don’t give me that garbage There was no way to know. You know of a concussion within 24 to 48 hours if not immediately. Concussions are one thing…the President and the reports mention Traumatic Brain Injuries…which are vastly different and more severe than a concussion.

You can’t admit that trump makes mistakes.

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I’ve found that the nits are what’s wrong with his detractors.

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Strange to classify soldiers getting Brian injuries and the President dismissing that as serious as a nit.

Imagine if Obam…

Oh never mind.


Like @Konssurvative1 I have personal experience with TBI. It has the potential to be devastating. It has the potential to be more life-altering than the loss of a limb. That it is being dismissed so flippantly by Trump* is truly disgusting.

*3rd Impeached President of the United States


The nit is dems pushing the narrative that the president lied. But you already knew that.

Funny thing about putting words in people’s mouths, they’re still your words. Nice job!


I said that he was mistaken. I never said he lied.

So there is that.

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I am truly sorry your dad and family had to go through that. Any head injury is serious.

The bigger lie is about the perception that these injuries are not severe.

You don’t just randomly get 34 concussions, 34 injuries caused those concussions.

Thanks Herron,
I think that people have an old school belief of Concussions and Head Injuries. Concussion from the point of view of sports injuries, shake it off and get back in there. My son had a concussion as I said and thank God that when he went to the campus med center the team doctor was there, recognized it for what it was, when the hospital missed it…and he was put into a two week concussion protocol.

TBI’s are a different story. We think of soldiers and people who have serious falls. Since my Dad’s accident I have made it my job to learn as much about brain injury as possible. I’m no doctor, but I have worked very closely with my Dads neurologists over the years.

I try to advocate for brain injury awareness as much as I can. OUr president needs some of that awareness. Concussions are not just a headache.

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Lol…what a load…

how dare people criticize the President for dismissing the seriousness of head trauma.

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we don’t know what Trump knows so we can’t judge him on any subject.

He killed an American with a drooooooneeeee!