Penatgon confirm 34 American injured in Iranian attack

The Pentagon was forced to admit that 34 American were injured after week of denying it.

The number of US troops injured in Iran’s attack earlier this month is now three times higher than the Trump administration had previously claimed, according to new information released by the Pentagon.

In a press briefing on Friday, Defense Department spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman told reporters that 34 US military members received concussions or other traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in the missile strikes Iran launched at US military targets in Iraq on January 8.

Eight of those service members who were transferred to Germany for further evaluation arrived in the US this morning to continue receiving treatment; another nine are still being evaluated in Germany. Further, 17 people diagnosed with concussions or TBI are now in Iraq and back on duty.

Trump likes soldiers who don’t get injured.


But the President doesn’t think those injuries amount to much, there are people with arms and legs blown off, these people had nothing more than a headache. I heard him say this the other day.

As someone who’s father spent the last 8 years of his life suffering and eventually succumbing to a Traumatic Brain Injury, the President has no ■■■■■■■ clue. Even concussions can cause long lasting problems. Our son got a concussion in college and still has a stutter when he is overwhelmed from an event or having anxiety. My dad lost his ability to walk due to the Brain Injury.

But the President wants to down play these injuries as being less important than other injuries. 34 soldiers of the United States were injured in service to the United States and their commander in chief down plays those injuries publicly?


Asked the next day about the newly disclosed injuries, the president minimized the injuries, calling them mere “headaches.”

“I’ve seen what Iran has done with roadside bombs to our troops. I’ve seen people with no legs and no arms. I’ve seen people that were horribly, horribly injured,” Trump said on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland. “I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries that I’ve seen.”


I thought they only had headaches?

All he has to do is say he made an error.

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Tell that to the Vet coming home with a TBI who not only doesn’t recognize himself, will have great difficulty emotionally and psychologically assimilating back into a normal family life.

My dad was never normal after his Head Injury. He never loved my mom the same way. My sister was cast out. I was the only person he trusted, he at times alienated all four of his grand kids. And that’s just the inability to cope with family.

It would be like watching trump trying to tweet on a phone that all of a sudden lost 80% of it’s processing ability. It would work, maybe some characters would come out wrong, it would be slow. the keyboard would lag, and he might not convey what he really wants to when he wants to.

Screw the President and his comments toward these 34 soldiers. Their commander in chief doesn’t think it’s that serious.


Trump lied? Weird.

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He didn’t, it was a perfect statement made to the press on Tuesday. It was perfect, he spoke perfectly about the lack of seriousness of their injuries.

Brain Injury…means your Processor is damaged permanently.

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Yep. Brain injuries are serious things.

All the President has to say that his first reports were in error.

I would actually applaud him if he did that.

That is how bad this has all gotten


My dad’d death in 2018 put my mom and I out of the agony of caring for someone with a brain injury. Watching my dad’s once great and brilliant literary mind lose the ability to tell stories, to remember the poetry of Frost and Thoreau one day and recite it perfectly the next day, was horrible. He knew he knew it…but could not find it.

What was gut wrenching the most was the fact that his personality changed. My daughter was only about 10 or 11 when he got his injury. She has very precious little memory of him before his injury…thus has very little memory of the great guy he was.

I am literally gut punched by the president’s comments. These soldiers with brain injures will be changed in some ways forever.


Their commander-in-chief has their backs. :roll_eyes:

At the time of the attack, Trump accurately reported information given to him. Over time it has come to light that there were some number of concussions.

What exactly is your point? :confused:

Why? That isn’t true. :confused:

Cue: liberals are celebrating US injuries

The thing is that it could be that the first reports were no injuries.

I don’t know if it is actually true or not, but given that the place was just attacked, I would accept the story.

The President should say that he was wrong.

But he won’t.

Not entirely true. Trump reported that there were no casualties as a result of the attack. Not that there wasn’t any injuries. It’s unclear if Trump knew the extent of the injuries at that time. It’s hard to imagine that he didn’t know, given those injuries would have been apparent immediately after the attack.

Regardless, what’s more infuriating is his dismissal of the extent of their injuries. As already pointed out in this thread, head injuries are serious injuries. Trump downplaying those injuries is a slap in the face of those service men and women.


He won’t say he was wrong because he wasn’t wrong. There is no way anyone could have known at the time that there were 34 concussions. We don’t even know with certainty that more soldiers might exhibit symptoms over time.

Someday you’ll learn these are props for the right and nothing more

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You can’t possibly know what information was available at the time, therefore this whole notion about Trump lying is nothing but more of the same Trump bashing.

This is the problem with this President. Instead of saying that he was mistaken or was maybe just plain wrong about something he claims that he isn’t wrong and that their injuries aren’t bad.

He is taking a sharpie to it.

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