Pelosi Wants in Bill police state tracing, tracking, isolation, vax powers in Stimulus Bill

There is another apparent reason why the Stimulus Bill keeps failing and being rejected that’s because Democrats and Pelosi want police state tracing, tracking and further lockdowns and vax powers in the Stimulus bill.

Link to the full letter.

A key concern is the absence of any response on a strategic plan to crush the virus

*cannot safely reopen

schools, the economy and our communities until we crush the virus with the science-based, national plan for testing, tracing, treatment and isolation, and for the quitable and ethical distribution of a safe and effective vaccine* on**ce developed

This strategic plan is contained in the Heroes Act.

If Biden/Harris win expect this to fully pass with no issues. Locking down the economy is not a way to crush the virus. Or forcing the state police officers to trace.

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Are you trying to state that Speaker Pelosi is trying to create a police state through track and trace funding and money for vaccine production?

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