PELOSI’S PREDICTION: Nancy Says She’s ‘100% SURE’ Dems Will Retake the House | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled-down on her recent predictions of a Democratic victory on Election Day; saying she was “100% sure” her party will take control of Congress during the 2018 midterms.

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Can we take this one to the bank as well?

Since when does anybody listen to what Pelosi says?

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And I’m 100 % Sure that Nancy Pelosi is SENILE!!

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The Only thing that is a sure thing is the Dems will cheat to win if they have to, Pelosi needs to retire!

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The Fix is in!
The Deep State is Desperate+Dangerous.
Their lives depend on impeaching Trump or Exposing their corruption ring.
They’ve done too much for too long+their media thugs enable them to continue
Milking America to her bones. It’s Trump or them+they are above the law.
Trump plays by the rules. He’s never been in criminal court.