PELOSI’S PLOT: RNC Warns of ‘TRUMP IMPEACHMENT’ Should Dems Retake Congress

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A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee pulled-back the curtain on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s agenda should the Democrats retake Congress this week; saying a “blue wave” would likely lead to impeachment proceedings against the President.

RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany was speaking with the Hill Thursday when she weighed-in on liberal talk of impeachment surrounding the midterm elections; adding that a left-wing takeover could “put that in play.”

“What makes me nervous is obviously the House. We don’t want to lose the House. We recognize that if we lose the House, there are Democrats who have talked impeachment even though it’s a bogus, baseless theory with no grounding in truth. We do think that losing the House puts that at risk, and puts that in play," she said.

“Historically we know that the sitting party in power loses seats. It happened to President Obama, but as we know, and as our chairwoman says, we have to defy history,” she added. “So what keeps me up is the fact that history is against us despite all of the great signs we see out there in the economy and elsewhere.”

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