PELOSI’S PLAN: Democrats Reveal Border Security Proposal, NO WALL FUNDS | Sean Hannity

Congressional Democrats revealed their border security proposal Thursday; allocating upwards of $22 billion for Border Patrol and other investments but providing no funding for the President’s promised border wall.

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The Demos’ border plans are empty and worthless (just like the Demos themselves)! They leave the borders completely open, because that is what they want, no borders at all!

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Tell her (NP) to take that dollar and shove it down her depends. Time to use executive authority and build the wall everywhere it is needed.


Here is a reply to Nancy, NO DACA PERIOD
we will put all resources to round up every DACA and their families
and deport them en mass until the border wall is built even if it takes
years, the Democrats have failed to protect Americans but President Trump will
WE will send ICE agents by the thousands into NY and California and round
up the illegals and arrest any public official or peace office preventing Federal
agents from performing their duties to include, judges, mayors or governors


All thinking individuals, not on the take from the cartel or neg. constituencies realize a physical barrier is required. They (DS) are trying to set Trump up for failure for some kind of mis appropiation of funds or other low apple a bad lawyer tries to use. Our president is much smarter and probably already has a plan. Pelosi has a plan “Get Trump” ie Mark Levin…lol

Totally asinine! Although I’m ok with more drones IF they are manned with automatic fire power. More “humanitarian” funds to keep those illegals all comfy and thus inviting even more to come in.

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The Democrats having nothing to offer. Since day one of Trumps administration all the Dems have wanted to do is discredit him for keeping promises. Time to play hard ball. Declare a national emergency. Fund the wall through the Pentagon budget. Remove all talks of DACA off the table. Inform ICE to make more arrests and deportations. Start them in Nancy Pelosi district. Make her uncomfortable in every way. Then move to Maxine Waters district. Be relentless Mr. President. Remind them YOU are running this country as we who elected asked.

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I can see another long shutdown coming if they don’t figure this out.

There isn’t going to be any shutdown. Listen to what Trump is saying daily: We are building the wall". Look up 2 USC #284. He has the right to have the military build the wall – no permission from Congress and no emergency declaration necessary, Rep Mo Brooks of Alabama meeting before the House Armed Services committee verify on film:

We must build a wall (or structural barrier) where needed, as recommended by DHS/ICE, and we need everything the Democrats are allocating funds for as well. So I say, take the money and build the wall through whatever Executive Action is available. Declaring a state of emergency is justified in my book. Use the military and funds diverted from the Defense Budget if necessary. It is a matter of national security. I’d like to see the government partner with the “We the People will Build the Wall” GoFundMe. Have them pay for construction of barriers that meet DHS specifications on private lands along the border. Why not? I would be willing to donate more $$ to that fund if I knew the money would be used for that purpose.
I am not in favor of humanitarian aid to illegal migrants. I support the policy of requiring illegal migrant asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their request are being processed. I don’t want them released into the USA where they will disappear. I’m am not comfortable with offering amnesty to DACA participant for the following reasons: (1) Who are the parents that brought them here illegally and why shouldn’t they be deported along with their (now adult) children? I guess, if they’ve been law abiding, productive residents we will have to give them a path to citizenship as well. (2) It appears that every DACA participant interviewed is either in college or graduated from college. I have to ask who paid their tuition? I hope they were not able to receive grants for minority students under Affirmative Action when so many American Citizens cannot afford to go to college and/or have had to incur significant debt in order to pay their tuitions. Illegal immigration is an affront to every legal immigrant and every natural born American Citizen. It must be stopped!!!

22 billion for anything but a wall! This in spite of the fact that where walls have been introduced ; there have been 90 % plus reductions in illegal crossings.Apparently, NP and co. believe that high tech will act as a similar deterrent by focusing on legal points of entry. The implicit logic is that most illegal immigrants only do it because the legal ports of entry are so inefficient. Anyone who considers this logic , and the fact that, in Dem eyes , there are 22 Billions to spend , just not on walls which have proved to be very effective, should conclude that the Dems have little interest in carrying out a project which will maximize security for the USA if, by building a wall , Donald Trump will look good in the eyes of the electorate. The same Dem attitude probably applies in other proposals which will be efficient and benefit the USA ire Not if it makes Trump and the GOP look good- better to screw the USA public.

Great point…We the people have to back the President…

Thank you Josette for writing for me. I was going to voice my opinion on the WALL topic but you already did it for me and beautifully, so why repeat? Leave that to the members of government…
I will simply say that I share your expressed opinion entirely. Any country needs border protection for security and screening, but not as a Berlin Wall. The American gene pool needs some refreshing anyway. I will be taken to task for that comment but as a scientist, I am being logical, not critical.

I think Mueller should investigate Pelosi and Schumer, just maybe they are working for the Russians and not the Americans. They are so anti anything good for America, it makes you stop to wonder whats dirt lies behind there reasons. Could it be they distract Mueller with bringing up things about Trump to take the edge off them, what dirt are they hiding?

Yeap for sure.

We really do. Democrats are for open border and crime

So the Democraps believe walls don’t work? So lets tear down these medieval, immoral walls everywhere. Especially around all these Democraps homes and while we are at it why not include all the prisons as well. These are known criminals after all, locked up to keep the American people safe. Lets have their open borders to allow more criminals cross without checks. Tell them to look at Europe who had an open border policy. What happened? Millions of immigrants from Arab countries flowed across their open borders, forcing many countries to build wall/fences/barriers to prevent more illegals flowing into their countries. What happened then? Acts of terrorism, murders, sexual assaults, and loads more crimes too numerous to mention all escalated 1000% fold. So lets have their open borders. Why not put American lives at risk? Don’t give a damn about angel families lets create more. I hope President Trump knows he can legally order the Pentagon to use the military to construct the wall according to code USC284 and by-pass Congress altogether. He doesn’t need their say so. So Mr. Trump take their $22 billion for border security and then go ahead quite lawfully and build your wall…

Can’t Trump take the 22 billion and use it for the wall???