PELOSI’S PARTY: Top Democrat Says Nancy Will be Speaker ‘Until She Decides’ to Quit

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Senior Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings publicly praised Nancy Pelosi’s extended leadership Monday morning; saying she can be Speaker of the House “until she decides to leave” should their party retake control this November.

Cummings was speaking with the Hill when he was asked to comment on Pelosi’s political future if Democrats post big wins during the 2018 midterm elections; saying “I think she’s a phenomenal speaker.”

“She knows the members. I can’t think of anybody in the House that could have seen through the passage of something like the Affordable Care Act,” said Cummings. "I expect Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, and I believe that she will be Speaker until she decides to leave.”

“Nancy has worked hard, and they tried to make her the boogie woman,” he said. “The reason why they tried to do that is because she is effective. Even under the circumstances that we’re in now, when I look at the budget that we passed, I mean the appropriations that we’re doing, clearly her leadership shines through.”

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Take that libs. Nancy Pelosi is going to be your leader whether you like it or not.

Well, of course, when a rep says something, then it must be true, except for the times when all politicians are liars or something.