Pelosi picture- What gives?

Here’s a picture of Nancy Pelosi that’s been making the rounds.

She either employed a stunt double or it’s a heavy Photoshop job.
She hasn’t looked that good in 50 years, if then.



Making the rounds where?

Making what rounds? Can you give some links and some evidence to support your claim this photo is making the rounds?

Who’s head is this making the rounds in?

Why so much concentration on looks. I thought we were past that. Isn’t that misogyny?

Showing their true colors.

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Ah. How I didn’t miss the days of ripping on female Democratic politicians for their looks or names. It’s such a lazy way to try to defeat them.

The picture does look odd. Funny that the usual suspects come in and are blind to that fact.

Who cares…

Don’t mistake.blindness for not caring about a pic going around the internet.

Oh I wonder if this is going to turn into a health scare conspiracy just like Hilary! Exciting times. Gotta play the golden oldies.

What do you mean “the usual suspects” and what do you mean by “blind to that fact?”

I’m doing a image search, but as far as I can tell, the OP created the picture himself.

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I’d say Pelosi looks at least 12 years younger in that photo.

Trump supporters seem a little concerned. After 12 noon today, the ■■■■ is hitting the fan for fat donald.

By all accounts Pelosi made an idiot of herself yesterday in the meeting at the White house. Would not let the DHS report be read and was rude and uncooperative.

If this is where she is at NOW, what will she be doing in 2, 4, or 6 more weeks?

If the US can spend tens of billions around the globe for security, we can certainly re-direct 5 billion to an adequate border fence on the Mexican line.

I think the D are missing an opportunity by refusing to offer any alternatives and talk as adults while they chastise Trump for “lacking decorum.”


The “usual suspects” are the ones that make much ado about nothing over a picture.

How much of the border will $5 billion cover?

Where is that photo, clearly not of Pelosi, being pushed?

The majority of the elected GOP the last 2 years didn’t want a wall. They had the power to get it done and didn’t.

The majority of American today don’t want a wall.

It is in the DHS report.

There are problem areas that need priority attention and fence upgrades. More important issue is addressing immediate needs than how many feet are covered. Urban areas are an issue because illegal crossers disappear into the populace.


There was not enough votes to make it happen.

What the majority of Americans want will become clear as time moves forward.

What do we want? BORDER SECURITY!!

When do we want it? NOW!!