PELOSI PANNED: Steve Scalise Tells Pelosi to Negotiate with Trump or STEP ASIDE | Sean Hannity

Rep. Steve Scalise demanded Nancy Pelosi resume negotiations with President Trump Friday or step aside entirely; saying she should “authorize someone else” to spearhead budget talks with the White House.

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Time for Trump to pull the Nuclear option. America is with him.

Pelosi pulls invite for SOUA, Trump can do it anywhere. Trump pulls trip, Pelosi spends the rest of the evening in her office. Morning comes and Buzzfeed has a new “Bombshell Expose’”. It is no secret to anyone with a brain where the Bombshell was conceived, who conceived it and what they expected to gain from it. It Friday, Pelosi is gone again. Trump is in the White House still waiting. Saturday, Trump will use his power to “BUILD THAT WALL” and protect the American people once and for all. Further down the road, 2020: Demomrats will lose the house again, Senate will lose more Demomrat seats and Trump will have the ability to Create a Conservative United States Supreme Court. Insurance companies will scramble to stay afloat as Demonrats continue to fight for free for all medicaid, bow to the ruling party to come up with a medical insurance packet that actually works for the American people and not the big Pharma and Elite. All really is well in America. It just take time to get it done. IN 2 years: Trump has done with N Korea what 65 years and many Presidents have not been able to do. Meet N Korea head-on and bring them to the bargaining table. If it takes 4 years ti bring big Pharma and Insurance companies to the table with out middle men. So be it. God Bless America, the greatest country on this planet. Trump has America’s back and most of America has his back.

I just saw the Presidents address on TV and I can already predict that Chuck and Nancy are going to say that as long as a border barrier is included, there will be no deal.