Pelosi is Racist

Pelosi is Racist because she cannot bear to run against a black woman like Marsha Fudge!

Who is Marsha Fudge?

Martha Fudge was going to run against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House but Pelosi offered her a job so she would drop out!

Who is Martha Fudge?

And that’s racist?

Pelosi did not want a black woman to run for speaker of the house

And you think it’s about race?

Pelosi’s issue is obviously about Martha’s gender.


Or pelosi just thinks she’s the best one for the the job.

The best man for the job.

She does have more balls than most men, including the dotsrd.


Nope. It’s ageism. Pelosi takes issue with Martha Fudge’s number of grandchildren.

The “other” can be a member of the congregation, but not a preacher.


Great post.


Is this a new coping technique? When things aren’t looking great for Trump, randomly accuse a Democrat of racism.

It appears that way, apparently Kamala Harris is also a racist.

One of the current racist idiots running the country.

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And the crazy thing is that people actually listen to that ■■■■■■■■

Yeah, like Donald.

And they are idiots.