Pelosi and the Dumbs want 16 year olds voting

Brilliant! We definitely want those with no life experience or a grasp of any reality other than Fortnite fantasy participating in the electoral process.
But you know the promise of free stuff, a stipend and the opportunity to sponge off others hard work might sound appealing to a 16 year old!
Pelosi and her ilk really haven’t talked to yer average 16 year old lately apparently.

I agree. Sixteen is too young to vote.

Relax…unless you are predicting a Constitutional Amendment anytime soon.

I think this is worthy of a discussion. I’m not totally decided on it yet. I’m leaning towards the idea of 16 year olds voting. I don’t think the life experience aspect is a winning argument. Or maturity. I think a legitimate argument can be made though since especially those working are paying taxes(especially social security and medicare taxes) they can claim to have a right to a say in policy. Personally, I think if they can drive they can vote.

I would personally keep such opinions to myself unless there was more substantial talk than some politician spitballing, but you do you. Let the kids, a substantial number of whom will be voting in 2020, know exactly what you think of them.

easy there old man no need to yell at the clouds.


I can’t wait for the military to be order to start beating up Liberals!

Let’s set the voting age at the youngest age someone has been tried as an adult. Deal?


I believe the voting age for federal elections could be lowered below 18 without an amendment…

So Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Republicans want 16 year olds to vote.


This is only Controversial because Republicans know that anyone under 30 who isn’t a racist incel will never vote for them.


What don’t you understand about “ I personally” OP.

Why the collective “dumbs”

Do you not know what “I, personally” means. Lol

Another winning thread.


So far as 16 year olds being uninformed voters, I have little faith the average 45 year old is making informed decisions at the ballot box. So I’m not overly concerned about a 16 year old voting in that sense. However, we arbitrarily set 18 as the year an individual is considered a legal adult and (if necessary) able to be drafted into military service. Unless we plan to change that as well, leave things as they are please.

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Also? Misleading thread title. Pelosi says in the article it’s her personal opinion and she’s not speaking for her caucus.

Really sabotages the thread when they engage in obvious hysterics/hyperbole, doesn’t it?

It already is.

Of course the socialist Democrat Leadership want teenagers to vote. They scared the crap out of these children with Global Warming and Climate Change and promise the Democrats will come to mother earth’s rescue.

Are we to forget how they brainwashed and encourage innocent children to sing praise to Obama, the chosen one?


The Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism, AKA Crony Capitalism, will promise food on the table, free public housing, health care for all, guaranteed income, free college tuition, and other niceties by taxing the so called rich; and if by chance their socialist leadership gains control because of such promises made, the end result, as John Adams stated, “will be revengeful, bloody, and cruel” especially for the most productive, hardworking members of the community.

Because 16 year olds is dumb, from the blue hairs who can’t get near a computer without getting half a dozen viruses and sending their life savings to a Nigerian prince.


People younger than 18 get tried as adults.

OK. So we will let adolescent kids who have murdered someone vote. :roll_eyes:


Do you really want single payer government operated health-care? Move into public housing [the projects in East Harlem or the South Bronx], live there for a year, and then make your decision about government run healthcare.