Peaceful Protester Shoots Motorist in the Head

The shooter is a 28 year old defense attorney.

Other protesters lied to police nd said the motorist plowed through the protesters, but the video shows otherwise.

Driver is a single father and veteran and is on life support.

Ammo up America.

Had there not been any video…would the murderer walk free based on lies?

Can the family sue the “lawyer/ shooter” in civil court?

Some are good people.

I sure hope so but…I doubt this 27 year old punk has any assets. He’s just an ass.

Lawyers who are an ass? I’m speechless!

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should sue the witnesses who lied too, for the civil rights violation


Bam…hammer…meet nail.

A white lawyer shoots a white guy in a town of 2.5% black population because… racism.


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My thoughts exactly.

Are there good people on both sides here?


meanwhile the KKK did drive thru a group of protestors


lawyers? nah

Ok. Care to comment on the “protestor” who shot a guy in his truck?

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“While I am grateful that the victim’s injuries do not appear to be serious, an attack on peaceful protesters is heinous and despicable and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law,” she said in the statement. “We lived through this in Virginia in Charlottesville in 2017. I promise Henricoans that this egregious criminal act will not go unpunished. Hate has no place here under my watch.”

I wish all prosecutors had this type of attitude in prosecuting hate. Looking around the country right now, it’s a target rich environment.

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treat him the same the cops who have been using excessive force should be treated.

long prison terms

Incredibly misguided and likely indoctrinated. “White guilt” gone mad?

“KK”? What the FA, Krispy Kreme Donuts plowing through the throngs? What next?

Cops aren’t pulling their service weapons and blasting at crowds. Riot control is ugly, violent and in your face. “Excessive force” is a broad brush and I certainly would call G. Floyd’s death excessive force. LEOs being overwhelmed by maniacs trying to injure them and defending themselves and their fellow officers is hardly “excessive force”. What would you do if someone or a group of maniacs were trying to punch, kick or otherwise injure you, curl up in a fetal position and submit? Thought so, perhaps you would but there are others who will do whatever to stomp their guts out. No glory in being a victim is there?

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