Peace in the Middle East On the Way?

Looks like it.

Congrats to President Trump, the Israelis and the UAE.

Rule of Acquisition #35… Peace is good for business.


Sounds like good news. I have feeling other Arab states will soon follow.

Not sure how the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel & the UAE does anything for anybody. They don’t share any borders, they’re not even close geographically.

But by all means, pat Trump on the back for peace in our time. :sunglasses:

Has Trump even started any new wars? :thinking:


Not sure how normalizing diplomatic relations does anything for anybody!

Pure TDS


It may have a chance with UAE but I wouldn’t go as far with the Middle East as a whole because that region of the globe is pretty much a lost cause where peace doesn’t exist.

But good for Israel and the UAE!!

UAE is a major player in the region. They previously refused to recognize Israel or allow Israelis to visit. Now these two countries will have exchanged embassies and have normal relations.


People can scream TDS at the sky all they want, it’s laughable.

But not as funny as Trump supporters patting their dear leader on the back over a gimmick that accomplishes nothing.

They don’t have to be geographically close or border countries to have “full normalization of relations” which basically means diplomacy, trade, travel, etc.

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Meanwhile, on the left.


Almost 4 years later that bitter taste is sill in the mouth.

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The UAE has been telling Israel for years to stop annexing land in the West Bank area because it’s causing relation problems. With Netanyahu being criticized by his own government for doing it also, it is probably better for him this may occur. Don’t see why this sway other adversaries of Israel because the U S has a huge air base there.

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The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

…and yet…this exceeds anything that was done to earn the Nobel in 2009…amirite? :sunglasses:


I don’t believe that Israel normalizing relations with an Arab state that’s a major player in the region is a gimmick.


Geopolitics is hard.

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Not just TDS, severe TDS. Peace between another Arab state and Israel is a big deal in any universe. If it was a simple gimmick, Obama would have done it. These leaders, especially the Arab leaders have put their life in the balance to achieve peace.

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but rule of acquisition # 37 “war is good for business”

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That’s what Persians are for.