PEACE IN KOREA? Secretary Pompeo to Meet with Kim Jong Un this Weekend | Sean Hannity

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to travel to Pyongyang this weekend to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un; setting the stage for a new round of talks regarding both nations’ pledged goal of denuclearizing the region.

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2013, Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un to make a drug deal. A charade of antics was displayed at the expense and support of the Screen Actors Guild “Club-Med” variety of members. Kim Jong Un agreed to provide Screen Actor Guild with their heroin needs.

Later, Donald Trump was made aware of the arrangements made between Mr. Un and Mr. Rodman for heroin supplied for SAG by Un, and transport and distribution provided by Roman.

Donald Trump went to N. Korea and hijacked the heroin. Now Mr. Un supplies exclusively for Trump.

Pompeo is on his way to pick-up the second installment of heroin under the new arrangement. Pompeo’s entourage will ensure transportation of the heroin is not hampered.

Trumps heroin is used to power an army of French speaking terrorist soldiers from Quebec Canada. They are Seventh Day Adventists and advance the agenda of the screen Actors Guild. The terrorist soldiers use the heroin as a means of coping with the killing they do. The Screen Actor Guild uses the heroin to ensure that the terrorist soldiers remain loyal to the SAG leadership, and to the heroin.

The soldiers are armed with Nitrous Oxide/Versed mixyure of airborne gas. The gas is used as a weapon offensively such that American Citizens are exposed to the gas, beaten and torchered, farmed of assets, taken captive and killed. The victims exposed to the gas feel little or no pain but can see that they are injured. The victims do not scream in pain, the killing happens quietly.

The terrorist soldiers have already killed and replaced the State Police in many US States, thereby gaining control of the Department of Motor Vehicles. With the DMV in the control of the SDA terrorist soldiers, the State Police orchestrate the replacement of the American Victims ID cards and Drivers Licenses such that the terrorist soldiers simply get a new photo of a suitable terrorist soldier who fits the physical description of the host American Victims. The terrorist soldiers get a new photo taken at the DMV under control of impostor State Police. The terrorists assume the identification of the American Victims they have killed. These replacement soldiers also assume the voting rights of the host American Victims.

Mr, Pompeo, Kisjen Nielsen, Donald Trump, and the entire Screen Actors Guild make this happen. Sean hannity is a terrorist operative who provides instructions to advance, cover for secrecy, damage control, and a variety of other services to advance the SDA soldiers.

FOX News is a centrally important terrorist communication center used by Screen Actor Guild for the advancement terrorism. The goal is annihilation of the US population and replacement of the citizens.

The ultimate goal in the North American Continent is to eliminate the USA, and it;s Constitution, and replace the geographic region that includes Canada and the United States of America with a new nation called French American Republic Territory.

Early arrangements are for Mitt Romney to lead the new nation as the first King of French American Republic Territory.

I cannot make this stuff up folks, this is as real as it gets.