PEACE IN KOREA? North, South Korea to Remove DMZ Landmines Within 20 Days

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Both North and South Korea began removing deadly landmines and other anti-personnel devices along the heavily fortified border between both nations this week; signaling a further thaw in relations as Kim Jong Un’s regime re-committed itself towards the complete denuclearization of the region.

According to Reuters, South Korea’s Defense Ministry confirmed the decision; saying “both sides” agreed to dismantle landmines at the de-militarized zone near Panmunjom.

All devices are set to be removed within 20 days.

“South Korean troops have gradually taken over most operations along their side of the border but international forces under the U.S.-led United Nations Command retain major roles, especially at the [Joint Security Area], where an American commander and a South Korean deputy lead the security battalion,” writes Reuters.

The move comes as President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are set to meet for a second time in the coming weeks; setting the stage for a potential breakthrough regarding Kim’s nuclear weapons program.

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