Paulie Manafort's bad day


I’m surprised the judge didn’t suggest it.


“In closing, Paul Manafort? Rich? I’ve got two words for you. Seth ■■■■■■■ Rich. <micdrop>”


The guy has a Rolodex of insults…nothing else to contribute.


Took you awhile


Paul is going undercover!

The defendant agrees to furnish to the Government all documents and other material that may be relevant to the investigation and that are in the defendant’s possession or control and to participate in undercover activities pursuant to the specific instructions of law enforcement agents or the Government.



Uh, oh.

Looks like Paul cannot accept a pardon without exposing himself to further legal risk.

Your client agrees that, should any plea or conviction following your client’s pleas of guilty pursuant to this Agreement, or the guilty verdicts in the Eastern District of Virginia, be vacated, set aside, or dismissed for any reason (other than by government motion as set forth herein), any prosecution based on the conduct set forth in the attached Statement of the Offense, as well as any crimes that the Government has agreed not to prosecute or to dismiss pursuant to this Agreement, that is not time-barred by the applicable statute of limitations on the date of the signing of this Agreement, may be commenced or reinstated against your client, notwithstanding the expiration of the statute of limitations between the signing of this Agreement and the commencement or reinstatement of such prosecution.

Even beyond the statue of limitations.

That’s a hell of a thing to give up. His transgressions are literally unpardonable.


Paul also sits in jail before sentencing. Paul also doesn’t get to be sentenced until the government is done with him. Then Paul gets to sit in a different jail.




In the America of my youth, lo these many years ago, say 18 months, this type of news about the President’s campaign manager would be above-the-fold, banner headline stuff.

It doesn’t even qualify for a double-glance these days.

This President has removed from us, through constant aversion therapy, the ability to be shocked.

I’m not sure I like the prospects of a people who cannot be shocked.


Paul Manafort is having a bad day.


? I haven’t heard anything new…


^ Additional confirmation that Paul Manafort is having a bad day.


Still having a bad day.




yeah. He’s full of ■■■■. His lawyer tried to get permission for him to wear street clothes at the hearing, but the judge said no. He’s just trying to look sympathetic.


Witches…all of them…witches


Hard to blame him. He’s probably too exhausted to walk after all that cooperatin’ he’s been doing. What was it? 9 known sessions of something like 6 hours each?

That’s a lot of beans to spill.


Screw the Screws. Id make them push me around in a chair too! Good for Pauli!


He also has every motivation to give out as many tangents and details as possible. Safe to say, that there is a part of Paulie that loves his day long interviews with Mueller’s people. Manafort must enjoy interacting with someone who has studied his life in such detail that they likely remind him of adventures in international rat ■■■■■■■ that even Paulie himself forgot.


still a bad day i think