Paulie Manafort's bad day


Man! 200 years isn’t killing somebody? You really love money.


You just can’t do anything without OBAMA!!! can you?


if they didn’t mount much of a defense then Manafort knows he’s golden one way or the other.


Pardoned = can’t plead the fifth.


that’s something else that i’ve been on my high horse about both here and elsewhere for decades. i have to compete against shysters every friggin day. a guy stealing a shirt at Wal-Mart usually does more time.


Absolutely you can for questions unrelated to the crimes pardoned


How is it dumb to exercise a power granted by the Constitution?


Just because one has the power, doesn’t mean that it should be used.


He’s the next Chuck Colson.


It’s a good move on his part. Mostly bluff.

But, if he wants to make the case that Gates was the real evildoer, every witness he presents gets to be cross-examined.

Better to shut the hell up and hope there’s an already extant shadow of doubt in one or more jurors about Gates.


Because if he pardons Manafort, then his 5th amendment protection would be revoked, forcing him to potentially testify against both himself and Trump. Additionally, the State of NY would then likely file very similar charges to those in which he was indicted Federally for, and while the overall sentence could be less, it would still potentially be enough to land him in prison for the rest of his life. So the end result would be Manafort still in prison for life, and now without the protection of the 5th being afforded to him.

Would you not agree, that pardoning him would be dumb?


Yep. I suspect it was the only, best play they had. It is not like they can bring a slew of character witnesses in to support Manafort being a stand-up guy or anything. There are obviously no witnesses that will take the stand and testify that Manafort was not knowledgeable about his financial dealings, and therefore make the case that it was easy for Gates to commit all of these crimes unbeknownst to him. They have no counter-evidence that can be offered, clearly. And Manafort would likely be a horrible witness on the stand in his own defense, as the Prosecution would eat him for lunch.


Because it’s a fun document let’s take a gander:

Look at baby Jared, so proud to be helping! Look at the lil’ guy taking orders from his boss Paulie.

On November 30th, 2016.


That’s no longer a reasonable assumption. The Republican Party Credo since about 2008 has been entirely around whether or not something can be done as opposed to should be done. Standards and norms of behavior are irrelevant to the calculus of power for them, now.


TDS =wanting life for a loan fraud… Yet, lots of loan fraud was encouraged by our govt before the 2008 crash.


Manafort had his own e-mal server, nice!


The banks should have been broken up and people should have gone to jail.


Well, okay then.


Good move.

Once you dismiss the email threads, the wire transfers from foreign accounts direct luxury item purchases, the account statements, the foreign accounts hidden from his accountants, the foreign companies hidden from his accountants, the testimony from the bankers, the testimony from the forensic accountants, the testimony of Gates, it’s clear that prosecution didn’t have a leg to stand.

Astonishing that this thing even made it past the grand jury with any indictments.


I had been hoping that the defense would finally put Hillary Clinton on trial for her crimes.

Your honor: Where’s the server? Where are the emails?

No luck.