Paulie Manafort's bad day


So, this trial comes down to a 16 million dollar loan he got with the help one of the bank managers…

“Defense attorneys elaborated on their arguments in a filing late Monday, saying, “any purported misstatements regarding Mr. Manafort’s income or credit card debt were immaterial” to Federal Savings Bank’s decision to loan him $16 million.”

lol!.. No Rooskies to be found…


Annnd Manaforts defense rests. Without putting up a defense.

He be boned.


This trial ain’t about that. Even still, you’re wrong. There was a rooskie brought up at trial. Now prove to us you’re informed and share with us that name.


I could care less… it’s nothing to do with collusion.


You could care less?

You can’t even get that phrase correct.

This combined with your blatantly false post yesterday about Obama ordering flights over the South China Sea, and your above post about “no rooskise” in this trial when one was very prominently brought up it seems like 3 strikes of pure fail in less than 24 hours.

Maybe read some stuff Cratic, you’d be more fun if you had opinions to argue, instead you just say things that aren’t even based in reality and take 2 minutes to disprove. Sad.


Being a quiet is his only hope for a pardon. This is his best defense.


It’s soon to be in the hands of the jury. My original prediction was 40 years. We shall see if that holds as correct, which is essentially life for him. If so, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.


I bet he finds religion within 6 months and starts getting the evangelicals to hold “Free Paulie” signs. Jim Bakker will share .05% of his profits from apocalypse food buckets to his commissary account.


I could care less, but probably not… Still mad because Obama went by and not over the island…lol!


Dems don’t even know why they want him in jail…


He has propped up some of the worst people on the planet.

He is also one of he results of our failure as a nation to take white collar crime seriously.


The same people Obama let take Crimea?

…Is Lerner white collar?


i’ve noticed that Cratic has consistently come into this thread and bragged about no collusion and no Russians and no ties from Trump to Russians (when that’s not what this trial is about). very aggressive offense on his part.


So disingenuous. I showed you, from your own article, the quotes describing the missions as the same, and in fact in 2015 the flights were described as “swooping over” while this weeks flights were “flying by”. Just like you fail to admit your error in that thread, you do so again by failing to admit you don’t even understand the phrase “couldn’t care less”. You’re displaying pathological behavior.

If I had my druthers it would be for profiting from child soldiers and weaponized rape. Can’t always get what ya want tho.


Manaford obviously expects a pardon (which could take the form of a commutation of sentence rather than full exoneration). For all we know he has received certain assurances. Trump so far has been aggressive with pardons when, in his mind, he thinks the person hasn’t been treated fairly by the government.


Looks like Manafort is expecting a pardon.


Indeed. Saving Arpaio put all options on the table.


What has he done to get life? You’d kill somebody over money?


Could Trump possibly be that dumb? Wait…don’t answer. We both know the answer to that one. :joy:


The crimes.

A 100-200 year sentence isn’t killing somebody if that’s what you’re asking. If you’re being more philosophical I’d point out that there are plenty of people paid to kill for money, sometimes over money.