Paulie Manafort's bad day



Notice how often these right-wing fables keep going nowhere despite the fact they get repeated over and over.


Drain the swamp!


The next one will get the real stuff on Trump for sure. Manafort, Cohen and Omarosa will tell all to Mueller.


“Russian collusion with campaign”


you really dont have a clue…it shows…Go play with your marbles


Fables? Strzok just created an Anti Trump Twitter and Gofundme! The dude is openly admitting he was biased! This is a slam dunk court case when he gets indicted.





What anti-Trump Twitter? Where did he openly admit he was biased? Link?

All I found was this…

Which only has 2 tweets…



Those are statements from his lawyer, check this out.


Lol The dude just cant shut up!


maybe CNN should actually report on something other than the fake russia probe


Are those two tweets the “anti-Trump tweets” you seem to be referencing? If so, can you please point out where he mentions Trump or says anything that is anti-Trump in them? Also, can you please point to where he admits to his bias in those tweets?


You did not see that he set up a separate account? read the article, all is in there.


What does CNN have to do with your fabricated claims that these two tweets are anti-Trump screeds that confirm he was biased? Are you day-drinking again? Or, more likely, are you allowing others to do thinking for you, instead of doing the thinking yourself? :thinking:


One post “liked” by Strzok’s account, written by humorist John Hodgman, calls President Trump a “moral monster.”

“One reason this is so bracing is that since the election, the tactic of most establishment white dudes (on both sides) has been to blandly ignore, forget, and/or smugly eye-roll past what a moral monster Trump was and is,” Hodgman wrote.

Another tweet liked by Strzok, written by comedian Jim Carrey, compares Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., to a “vile insect.” Separately, Strzok also endorsed a tweet by “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill decrying “complicit treason-weasels” in the Republican party.

No Bias at all, nope , none!


I read the article. It referenced the account I linked to, with the only two tweets being the ones I linked. Stop reading State Run TV and Websites, and try thinking for yourself for once. :rofl:


retweeting and liking are the same as making a post! Donald catches flack all the time for it.


you do realize how twitter works right?


You’ve lost your mind man. :laughing:

I knew not to reply to you. Crazy cannot be reasoned with. Good day.


liking and retweeting are the same as posting ! Acosta rips Trump for it all the time.