Paulie Manafort's bad day


There will be at least one and probably more people on the jury who “exaggerated” on their applications for a loan, a mortgage or a job application.


yeah, me too. i built a house last year. didn’t have to fudge a thing.


i guess what he (and i’m sure many other people) are saying is that the bank made them lie. and i guess they’ll have to go with the tried and true “Well Johnny did it too” defense.

while, not letting their own kids get away with those lame excuses.


I guess that makes ten, like me, who did not.


If you had paid attention, those jurors have done NOTHING like what ol Sparky Manafort has done.



No, not in the taxes areas. That is not what I am talking about. The bank fraud is different. Although apparently reliance on the misrepresentation isn’t required for a guilty verdict, he didn’t even get the loan.


None of you “fudged” your mortgage papers. Why would any upstanding conservative need to acquire credit they couldn’t responsibly afford anyway?

None of you have joint accounts in Cyprus with a suspected member of Russian intelligence.

Let’s stop with the red herring of “everyone’s dirty like Paulie” We aren’t.

The only reason anyone would defend him here is because they are either uninformed, or are worried about Paulie turning into a rat against their favorite Don.


That sounds like the excuses for the Trump tower meeting. They didn’t get anything - the loan, the evidence on Hillary - so that means they didn’t commit a crime. Geez.


You make it sound like he didn’t get any loans. That is not true.

He got 16 million in loans from the bank whose CEO wanted the Treasury job.


Another bad day for the Mueller probe, strzok is fired and still actively under investigation after Rosenstein and Wray said Strzok acted without Bias. There is a whole lot more to this story that what is being told. I bet Ohr and Strzok influenced the Mueller camp.


Oh. That influence must be why Mueller ■■■■ canned him.


He worked for Mueller previously before, he knew of his bias! Mueller only canned him because the IG brought up the bias to Mueller! If influence mattered then why did Mueller hire the Clintons personal Foia lawyer to be on his SC team? Jeannie Rhee? Bias all over! The IG is going to have a field day, Mccabe, Ohr and Strzok and Page are just the beginning. Huber is the one doing the indictments after the IG report, he is the special prosecutor for this. Get to know his name well!


Not only did Manafort get around $16 million in loans from Federal Savings Bank, Brennan today testified that the bank lost $11.8 million.

So, yeah, there’s one fraud count where Manafort didn’t get the loan, and the judge improperly suggested in front of the jury that the prosecution not spend time on that. And, for sure, bank reliance on the misrepresentation isn’t an element necessary for a conviction.

We have another scenario here,the Federal Savings Bank loans, where the bank approved the loan, knowing that it was higher risk than documented, and actually lost $11.8 million dollars.

That’s chump change-level fraud, I know, to the Wilbur Ross’s of this administration, but it’s serious scratch to most Americans. Maybe even the Americans on the jury. The ones who don’t lie on their loan applications, that is…


Paulie’s day just got better. The prosecution in this trial has rested its case.

Now his team gets a turn.

The high pitched whining sound you hear is the sound of Manafort’s bus trying to run over gates.


See more of the same from you…boring


Also HUD as well


Just wait till the next trial where get to find out the real dirt with russia…

Doug will be here throwing so much shade you would think the sun went out



Lol “Perspective Rolls” this goober would like in the administration.

Can’t stop laughing at these dummies.


But the bestest Perspective Roll he would like is Secretary of the Army. Or a sweet Ambassadorship.