Paul Manafort's release date set, although BOP doesn't show him yet as being in their custody


As with the other thread, too trivial for Washington Politics, so going here instead.

Register Number: 35207-016
Age: 70
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: 12/25/2024

Talk about a Christmas present. :smile: (Assuming he survives to his release date, which obviously is not by any means a given.)

I suspect that since New York state is pursuing prosecution, that the Justice Department has chosen not to remand him into the custody of the Bureau of Prisons yet. He probably is still in the Virginia county jail where he was located pending trial.

His release date accounts for time served and all calculated “gain time” that he will be entitled to.


Only the best people


What’s your guess on other crimes he will be convicted of?


Mortgage fraud and business record fraud are the most likely candidates.

I should note that State prosecutors could be tripped up by a provision of the New York State Constitution that grants defendants stronger double jeopardy protection than the United States Constitution.

That could force them to take any charges off the table that mirror the federal charges he faced.

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While not technically in BOP custody he is in the custody of the US Marshall’s service. This process may include for most federal prisoners, unannounced awakening to the sound of chains and shackles in the middle of the night. Where you are put on a transport to the to a holding center where enough inmates are held to help fill seats on con air. Once picked up by Con Air they are flown to El Reno Oklahoma where they will be held until their final destination is determined. which may be a combination of flights and bus rides. Diesel therapy is a big part of this process. it could be anywhere from 30-90 days of overnight stays in federal detention centers, medical centers, and county lockups before you get to your destination.


Procedurally you are correct although incoming prisoners, usually, though not always go through Oklahoma. As his medical/security needs have certainly already been assessed by the BOP, most likely Manafort will go straight to his final facility, likely to be FCI Cumberland, a medium security facility, but Manafort would almost certainly be held at the minimum security prison camp immediately adjacent to that facility.

I also believe that Manafort is still being held in the Virginia county jail, where he has stayed since being remanded into custody. I don’t think he will be moved until and unless New York formally charges him, in which case the United States Marshals will take custody of him long enough to move him to New York state and remand him to local law enforcement for custody during proceedings there. (Official BOP page for FCI Cumberland)

One of the better places to do time and Manafort will primarily be in the company of his socio-economic peers, that prison camp mostly houses white collar criminals.

BTW, amusing fact, prisoners in the main facility at Cumberland make Federal License Plates. :smile: Manafort won’t have that pleasure, however, in the prison camp. :smile:


Wasn’t this guy a Trump employee?


Only for a very short time. Trump barely even met him.


For a very short time. He joined the Trump campaign in March 2016, after he was introduced to Trump by a third party. He was campaign chairman for slightly under two months and left the Trump campaign in August 2016.

Except for the period of March 2016 to August 2016, Trump and Manafort had no official or unofficial relationship of any kind and it appears the two gentlemen where never even introduced to each other, prior to March 2016.


It appears at Donald Trump and team are horrible at hiring people.


Register Number: 35207-016
Age: 70
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Canaan USP
Release Date: 12/25/2024

Well, he has been placed in Canaan, instead of Cumberland, still a relatively comfortable location. Canaan is a high security United States Penitentiary, but Manafort will be located in the adjacent minimum security camp.

Canaan is just on the other side of Scranton, Pennsylvania from me. :smile: It is to the east of Scranton and I am northwest.

Pretty decent location to serve time (the prison camp, not the main facility).


Being locked up has not been kind to Paul…


He will certainly more comfortable and safer here, than he was in the Virginia county jail. Federal prisons are generally run on a much higher standard of safety and security than State and local facilities and things such as food service generally are superior. He will be staying in a dormitory style facility with fellow inmates who are also non violent offenders.


This is true, from all of the episodes of Lock Up I have watched in the past you could tell county jail is just awful.


And this is a rather interesting development:

Register Number: 35207-016
Age: 70
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Loretto FCI
Release Date: 12/25/2024

After just a couple of days at Canaan, they have moved him to FCI Loretto. (BOP website)

Kind of an unusual move, so soon after arriving in Canaan.