Paul Manafort to be sentenced today

He will face sentencing today for hiding income related to Ukrainian political consulting. Prosecutors are pushing for 19 - 25 years in prison. It will be interesting to see what sentence the federal judge hands down.

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Someone is getting locked up.

Are we taking bets how long of a sentence he gets?

I am betting he gets the full 24 years.

All he had to do was stay in the shadows. But for some strange reason he decided that it’d be a good idea to take on one of the most visible roles in politics.

I’m betting he gets the full sentence as well.

He went full stupid mode.




He owed money.

To a mobster.

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10 years.

Ive always wondered about this. Hiw did theae guys get away with what they did for so long. The state IRS always screws with me and ive never done anything shady. Always just have to resubmit the paperwork and im good. So much criminality has come out as of late that was never caught before.

Decades of not going after white collar crime.

The best example of how destructive that has become was Eric Holder’s “Too big to Jail” policy after the 2008 crash.

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Upper end of range.

22 years.

There’s still sentencing for the trial convictions, too.

Read this as lobster…

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I always like “Shrimp with mobster sauce”. Big Bang Theory.


Not just any ukranians

Max 12 years.

Considering that he has kept up with his criminal behavior and shows no real signs of repentance, it wouldn’t shock me if he gets the max.

I was just reading his Wikipedia page this morning. He would have gotten away with everything too, and had a pretty distinguished career to boot, if only hadn’t gotten involved with Trump. That seems to be a pretty common story these days.

It’s hard to think of many people who align with Trump and end up better for it in the long term.

That’s the thing with career criminals though (who get caught), it’s always “just one more.” I wonder how many do know when to stop and get away with it though.

Yep. Trump winning ruined it all for them.