Pastor Wanted to Know the Truth About the Migrant Caravan. So He Joined It

Some guy hooked up some drones to a bath tub and flew it around town like Luke Skywalker.

I almost think that Americans need to let Donald Trump build his fence. Just to show how ineffective and expensive it would be.

Which of these walls most closely resembles the geography of the US-Mexico border?

Ah, but this discussion is mere play. Donald’s a master negotiator, builder, and job creator. He’s had two years, and for two more months controls both houses of Congress. I’m certain that despite the silence of the lib mob media the wall has to be nearly complete by now.


It’s amazing how the actions of those democrats are justified, rationalized, and explained away. Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer…

I’m ok with that. And how about making it a felony to be in the US illegally? Kick them out immediately.

I’d be fine with that.



Who were sent to the wilderness after their indiscretions became public.

You’re wrong about this.

We’ve reached a point now where most illegals came here legally and overstayed visas. It’s been that way for some time now.


Well, at least you’re consistent - I’ll give you that. :rofl::rofl:

Is it just me or are the methodists more sane than other denominations?

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Oh yeah…and wire cutters like this one too that they’ll use on steel and cement. Thanks…I forgot.

A lot of vanilla Protestants are.

Here is a piece about the Sanctuary movement in the 80’s that was started by a pastor at a Presbyterian Church in Tuscon.

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Well that is a complete falsehood, over a million people cross the border legally every day.

Applying what you’re suggesting, our population doubled just this year alone?

You really don’t know how the border works, do you?

I know when someone is choosing to chase their tail…like you’re doing right now…but…carry on.

Not in any way…

It’s really sad that there are morons in this country that believe those troops were/are a necessity. How the ■■■■ can some people be so incredibly stupid?

They are not the Democrats of today. The Democrats of today ARE the party of family values and morality. The GOP abdicated this role when they opted to sycophantically follow a man who embodies the Seven Deadly Sins.

We’re not gonna build a cement wall, or a cement pond, on the entire border. If they were to ever build an entire barrier it would include fences in many places. Which then means that wire cutters defeat the fence. So they would have to have sensors and aircraft and all kinds of other things to make the fence work.

Have you really not read up on the logistics of the barrier?

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