Party line on Cuomo: Forget the thousands of dead grannies; being a jerk to female staff is the real issue

Nothing is going to happen to Cuomo. He’s a democrat. He could have interns under his desk all day and no one would care. This is just designed to keep the No press conference Sock Puppet out of the headlines. …

Gosh, no link. And why chose the word “rate” and not “total”. Sounds like more fake news.

Agreed. He clearly is not fit to lead.

That pic of him touching that girl’s face is, uh, not great.

All Cuomo has to do is run against a Republican in another election and all will be defended.


Follow the money…

Health care groups, lobbyists padded Cuomo campaign coffers amid COVID crisis, immunity push

Maybe! Decent chance of it imo.

I find that very interesting…since Coumo is being accused of hiding nursing home deaths. :wink:

Do YOU really believe NY is 20th on that list?

You’re probably not wrong. After all, Trump was accused what two dozen times? Including by a minor? And he admitted to peeping on naked teens at his beauty pageant? And you guys were cool with that.

For the same reason?

Does that include those Cuomo didn’t count?

How many of the NJ deaths are Cuomo’s?

September 2020.

James issued her findings on January 28th, 2020.

It seems Cuomo actually is what they accused Trump of being.

I most certainly did not.

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The OP using them as political fodder. Thousands of ways of making this thread without calling the victims dead grannies. It’s dehumanizing real people for political points.

And y’all elected a corrupt racist kid sniffer in response to your media-fed hatred. Look at you dancing around that sombrero like it was a soapbox. :rofl:


Bottom line is…libs used those deaths all during campaign…make visual advertising of pretty boy Paul Ryan throwing granny over the cliff. And now you have the balls to lecture me on this subject?

No…you don’t get to do that.


Do you have any in mind? Any that lied to the feds about Covid numbers?

BTW. Cuomo will survive this. Why? Because only democrats can take him down. And they won’t. Their “me too” crap only goes so far.


I’m not lecturing you tough guy, get over yourself. Calling them dead grannies is dehumanizing the victims and I stated that plainly. I don’t give a ■■■■ if you don’t like it.

And remember, folks - “Trump murdered 400k people!” isn’t (D)ehumanizing anyone, much less using their corpses as political points. :wink: