Party line on Cuomo: Forget the thousands of dead grannies; being a jerk to female staff is the real issue

John Nolte has the observation is that serious consideration of the thousands of dead grannies in New York nursing homes would logically mean that Democratic governors in California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey should be impeached as well as Cuomo. They all had policies that directed infected patients to nursing homes even if New York had the largest death toll.

Is the emphasis on Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment of female staff a deliberate distraction from what are arguably policies of negligent homicide in multiple states?

Should all the governors with similar policies face impeachment?

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Dead grannies. Real classy.

Won’t anybody think of the grandpas?? :sob:

They aren’t even people, just political points.

Way back last year, when Cuomo did this, right here in Hannity Land I yelled about how this was so negligent, it was criminal and he should be prosecuted for it. Thousands will die…and they did. Only now am I seeing anybody start to give a ■■■■ and that’s only because it’s just starting to be fed in their favorite trough.


I strongly suspect that the media deliberately downplayed the deaths in nursing homes to help Democrats before the election. Now the curtain is lifting.

They realize that Cuomo has to go but they want to minimize the damage to other Democrats, such as the other governors who had similar policies. The sexual harassment allegations are the perfect excuse to force Cuomo to leave.

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They blamed all the deaths on Trump and did so 24/7/365. The media kept a death billboard that they posted everywhere and constantly updated so that they could feed this to their sheople that it’s all Trump’s fault. How many here in Hannity Land kept regurgibleating that nonsense? Now the truth is unfolding and the footsteps that directly led to the deaths of thousands, that were the decisions made by Democrat Governors, is finally being exposed to those that have to be fed their truths. Notice how the media has almost ignored the other four and are only dealing with Cuomo due to sexual harrassment and this takes a greater front and center position than the deaths of thousands of our elderly. It’s both disheartening and sickening that this is our present day.

who cares? they died

“tHeY’rE uSiNg DeAd GrAnNiEs As PoLiTiCaL pOiNtS! nOt CooL!”

They said, after using every possible dead body as political points during the election. :rofl:


I heard this call live as it unfolded.

Caller Elaine Exposes Cuomo From March 26
This caller to Mark’s show was the first to blow the whistle on Cuomo’s deadly nursing home edict on March 26, 2020

People tried to warn and do the right thing. Cuomo would not listen.


…and then he gave nursing homes immunity. What the ■■■■ ? Did Cuomo intentionally do this with the long term goal of reducing his state’s expenses that were being used on these same elderly? Is he that evil?

I suspect that is the secondary issue after making Trump look bad and shadow rigging the 2020 election.

Very cold and sinister.

And now democrats are rewarding them with the lions share of covid relief money, tying it to unemployment rate. The more they crushed their economies the more federal money they get.


Governor Cuomo?

Probably some. The rest is because they are hypocritical jackals who are protecting their political power.

Can you imagine if this was Desantis?

Cuomo should step down.

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“yes, pretty lady?”

Cuomo throwing grannies over the cliff.

Cuomo needs to both resign and be investigated. That said the nursing home death rate is much higher in Texas than it is in New York.