PARTISAN PELOSI? Republican Reps Rip the Speaker’s ‘Political’ Coronavirus Panel

Originally published at: PARTISAN PELOSI? Republican Reps Rip the Speaker’s ‘Political’ Coronavirus Panel | Sean Hannity

Republican lawmakers ripped Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s “partisan” panels to investigate the government’s response to the Coronavirus crisis; calling Democrats’ efforts nothing more than a distraction during a national disaster.

“This isn’t about oversight, it sounds like pure politics,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “Let’s take care of the crisis at hand right now. We have five different oversights already looking at this and this is what she comes up with?”

“I want to remind everyone here in our nation’s capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics, endless partisan investigations. Here we go again,” President Trump said on Thursday. “They’ve already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years.”

Pelosi announced the panel earlier this week.

“It would have subpoena power that’s for sure. It’s no use having a committee unless you have subpoena power,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday. “And we would hope that there would be cooperation because this is not a kind of an investigation of the administration it’s about the whole [response].”

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Source: Fox News