Parscale: trump dynasty will last for decades

“The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party.”

Good lord these people are delusional. Did they see how many showed up in Kentucky for the all powerful Donnie Jr?

What does everyone else think?

I think this is put to bed by the Biden/Warren ticket 14 months hence.


Bush was the last dynasty America will accept for a while.

When they rejected Clinton, it was confirmation of just that.

No way I can’t wait for Eric Trump to be President.

“Propelling the Republican party into a new party…”

Lol and good.

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Loyalists applaud a Trump dynasty.
Loyalists would gladly accept Trump declaring himself King, abolishing constitution, and ruling over the land. This way Eric and Jr and Ivanka could all share in the glory of being Princes and Princesses. Royalty.


Yessss. Yessss. Let the Trumpism flow through you. I want this to be the GOP that it is destined to be. I want to watch as all the fake conservative BS from 1980-2016 burns to the ground. Take the masks off. Your transformation to The Party of Trump is almost complete. Let this stand as your legacy for decades to come.


Ivanka and Jared will run 2024

I think this poor fellow has confused the words “dynasty” and “monarchy”.

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We should just cancel elections so that Donald Trump can continue making America great again.


Regardless of any “dynasty”, Trump has already changed the Republican Party into the garbage fire we see today.


Not the kind of rhetoric I want to hear.

After 2024 that will be enough Trump.


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I’m sure there’s a following for that.

PLEASE… PLEASE… I want the Republican party to make this a thing! PLEASE!

Nah. Ya’ll will vote in step

Sure, bud. We believe you. :+1::ok_hand:

Trump will be done in 2024.

I doubt the rest of the clan will be so motivated to seek a Senate or even Congressional seat.

This is part of his appeal…serve…fix…hand off to next elected person with blueprint for success.


We shall see

Sorry brother but