Parkland Commission recommends Arming Teachers

You don’t speak for “libs”.

Yet the supposed solution is to ban guns when less than .00001% of legal gun owners will ever commit such an offense.

No thanks.

And how you going to pay for these people? Will they be strictly volunteer? Will the school district insurance cover them without training them? Will the district provide supplies and materials for them? Will they be required to carry their own liability insurance as independent contractors? Will they undergo background checks, and who will pay for those?

Give us a list of schools where such collateral damage has occured where the teachers have been armed and trained for school defense.

You don’t speak for conservatives either, but that hasn’t stopped certain posters on this site from telling us what we believe, who we support and why or from telling us what we “really” meant when we post.

The exact same people who will pay for the costs of arming teachers? Arming teachers will not cost $0 extra.

Why don’t you read the report for yourself or read how it’s being done in other states already?

In Texas it’s done through grants, district funds, and in some cases paid for by the teachers and administrators themselves.

I don’t remember telling you anything about a solution.

Am I mistaken?

How many of you out there are teachers. I am. For 31 years as a science teacher.

I’m thinking the gist is only “certain people” should be allowed to carry guns and respond.

Not asking about arming teachers. Asking a specific poster about war vets at every school.

Is that in the report?

Teacher is already on the payroll, covered by insurance.

The poster wanted war vets at schools – would they be certified teachers? If not then everything else applies.

We’re managing it just fine.

And it can be done the same way for anyone that goes through the training. In order to get approved for the School Marshall program in Texas you have to be a full time employee of the school system.

The answers are already out there for anyone willing to think and look for them.

Yes, let’s forget every other thread in which these discussions have been had in the past.

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Smh…I know you’ll defect as usual but here you go…In two separate incidents trained school officials accidentally fired their weapons…AT SCHOOL!!

Not by me. What’s your point?

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

They could be employees of the school. I don’t think he said they were volunteers or unpaid. Why not take that into consideration when hiring guards?

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See that’s the answer that was needed. If they are already a full time employee, no extra employee costs, no extra insurance costs and that.

I like Utah’s – if you are a teacher and are in possession of a concealed carry license, you can carry while teaching. And most Utah school districts now have “resource officers” in the school districts.

I’ve said this time and time again, we don’t need to turn our schools into prisons through over reaction however.