Parkland Commission recommends Arming Teachers

The report recommends that teachers “who volunteer to undergo firearms training, should be allowed to carry guns.”

This should be a “No Brainer” but the anti gun left is already going nuts over it.

On November 21, Breitbart News reported that the man leading the commission–Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri–had already made clear that the investigation had caused him to drop his opposition to armed teachers. His former position was to allow only law enforcement to be armed on campus, but that changed after the investigation turned up the fact that Parkland gunman had enough time to pause and reload five times the attack. During any one of those five reloads an armed teacher or staff member could have shot the gunman and stopped the attack.

On December 12, the Associated Press reported that the investigatory commission voted 13-1 to “recommend the Legislature allow the arming of those teachers, saying it’s not enough to have one or two police officers or armed guards on campus.”

This is of course but one part of the puzzle but it is the teachers who are the last line of defense when a school shooter goes on a rampage.


Teachers should definitely have the right to defend themselves and their students. It’s an inherent right.


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Welcome back. Breitbart News. I see nothing has changed…

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If you have a better source or can show any errors in the story be my guest.

Beyond that it’s just basic common sense. We are trusting teachers and administrators with the lives of our kids every day so why not allow those who volunteer, and pass the training to do so?

Knock yourself out.

I also recommend having two combat veterans on CQ duty during school hours. It’s a dream job.

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Looks like they worked hard coming up with a plan.

Well it’ like I tell my students, if you’re going to get self defense training at least get it from someone who’s survived at least one gun fight rather than all of these “experts” who are essentially getting their credentials online.

Of course with that you’ll get the standard complaints of “What about PTSD? They are likely to become the problem instead of the solution”.

Like the commission has discovered, having a campus cop or two simply isn’t enough as we’ve seen again and again in school massacres, especially if like in the case of Parkland the cops never even enter the building until the shooting is over.

That’s the problem with trying to rely on cops. They aren’t warriors. They shouldn’t be either, imo.

Not only that, but they are there, on site, when it happens. There is nothing so long as waiting for someone to come “save” you.

Those first minutes when everyone is huddled in a not so safe situation with the advice of throw erasers at the shooter, I imagine have to be agonizing.

Less than 1% of cops will ever fire their weapons “in anger” or be shot at so you have a very valid point.

And their response time (through no fault of their own) just leaves ample time for a shooter to continue his/her rampage.

Something like 90% of the casualties will occur in 3-5 minutes. Average response time in the US is about 4:30

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Welcome back.

I don’t agree with putting guns in classrooms filled with kids prone to the irrational, emotional outbursts that come with youth. This reeks of a “solution” with the potential to cause even more harm than it prevents.


How is that more of a problem than putting someone with a gun in the hallway with hundreds of kids prone to the exact same emotional outbursts?

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What makes you think those guns will be in any way accessible to those kids you speak of?

School shootings are remarkably rare. The odds that this represents any realistic solution to anything is minuscule not to mention the propensity for “accidents” to happen when adults are surrounded by many children.

No thanks. I’m good.

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Yet somehow libs think the only solution is banning guns. Period.

No thanks, I’m good.

Exactly. Its like trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Yeah, you may succeed but how much collateral damage could occur while trying to do so? The most successful way is usually the simplest.