PARIS BURNING: Macron Predicts ‘Major Violence’ Across France, Approval Drops to 18%

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A spokesperson for embattled French President Emmanuel Macron predicted “major violence” across France this weekend; warning residents that anti-Macron protesters are likely to take to the streets throughout the country.

According to the BBC, French politicians urged residents to brace for “major violence” in the coming days despite Macron’s decision to permanently “abandon” his widely-unpopular “fuel tax” to help fight climate change.

“We have reason to fear a great violence this Saturday,” said another spokesperson.

The nationwide protests have caused Macron’s popularity to crater in recent days. According to recent polling the French President’s approval rating has plunged to a stunning 18%.

The demonstrations -dubbed the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests- have largely shifted from its original anti-tax agenda into a larger, anti-Macron movement.

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