PARIS BURNING: Macron Caves, Delays ‘Fuel Tax’ for SIX MONTHS as Violent Protests Rock France | Sean Hannity

French President Emmanuel Macron caved to “Yellow Vest” protesters this week; announcing a six-month suspension of his proposed fuel tax after nationwide protests turned violent amid widespread gasoline shortages.

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I don’t know a whole lot about what’s happening in France right now but it seems to me that Hey, SOMEBODY’S got to pay for socialist, globalist policies. Macron is finding out that Our President is RIGHT. Our own (conservative) citizens need to start jumping around (yes, physically, like the liberal loons do) about the INSANITY that is being pushed in our own country. If I wasn’t 66 years old I’d be gathering up as many thousands of tax-payers as possible and heading to the border to handle things ourselves. We’d be visiting these universities and media people as well. Radio stations not playing Christmas songs that have been around longer than we have? Non-Christian religions trying to run things? I don’t think so. etc!