Parental Dress Code

I’m sort of seeing both sides of this. High school students should be learning appropriate dress & grooming to look for a job.

But is it a bit inflexible. A mom is there strictly to enroll a student & can’t do so due to her attire, shouldn’t there flexibility for one time only?

Enroll the student, then be informed of the dress code? Thoughts please.

I think its over the line…When I saw it on the news that the principal has won a national award in the past. The first thing I thought of is that it kinda went to her head and she over stepped her bounds in this case.

One time only? That works both ways. How about once in your life show up not looking like a complete slob to enroll your kid? Show some respect. Do they go to funerals looking like that? How about weddings?

They probably do.

Hey, it’s gotten to the point some wedding invitations specify “Formal Dress”. That’s pretty bad.

But some poor soul was in a hurry to drive her kid so he or she got to school on time, and remained in her vehicle while watching the kid walk through the door, it’s a problem she quickly threw on a bath robe over her house dress? That’s the type one time only I was referencing.

What next? Go home if you don’t use proper English grammar? Maybe English isn’t your first language, don’t communicate with us until it’s perfect?

There’s decorum, and there’s stepping over the line. I’ve mixed feelings on this one.

I was unaware of that as I did not see it in the article. I automatically assumed she was out and entered with her kid. They’re checking what people look like in their cars?

I think that was a hypothetical. The incident that spurred this dress code for parents could very well have been unacceptable, it’s hard to say what the “t-shirt dress” was exactly, there isn’t any real description, only that it was basically the last straw.

I think the school is in a better position to decide if there is a problem or not. They aren’t asking much, just throw on a pair of shorts under that t-shirt dress lol. Sheesh.

I don’t think a high school principal has the authority to decide on dress code for adults. As long as it is legal, it should be acceptable for parents to wear. Heck, in some states, a principal can’t even mandate a dress code for employees.

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I think the principal should be sent home to change clothes.
Check the video.
Trailer trash spandex tights that stop just below her knees- a red zebra print top that will put your eyes out.

Which video?

I usually prefer reading to watching video.

But watching the video in the OP, the Principal is a stunning woman. It’s hard to believe she’s close to 60.

Actually watching the video & seeing the banned items, she has a point. Still have mixed feelings, though, listening to the dissenter-maybe someone has to hurry to get to an emergency situation with their child, at least they made it to the school. Fix academics first, then up the dress ante.

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I’m an old foggy when it comes to dress standards.
I remember when the church I go to required women to wear dresses and men to wear a tie. They turned them back at the door if they didn’t.
That went away years ago. People wear everything imaginable now- sweats, shorts, flip-flops, you name it.
They recently announced there would be no more dress requirements at all, as long as it wasn’t obscene. They said Jesus wouldn’t turn anyone away because of their clothes.

I’d give anything if someone would show up dressed like the Devil- tail, horns, a pitchfork with a red suit.
I’d love to see what they would do with that.

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