PARADISE LOST: Venezuelans Struggle to ‘Bury the Dead,’ No Caskets, Using ‘Plastic Bags’

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Venezuela’s starving citizens continued their struggle under the brutal socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro this week; with some residents saying it’s become impossible to “bury the dead” as morgues close, casket supplies run dry, and inflation skyrockets.

“As the crisis in Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship deepens – gripped by mass hunger, starvation and a lack of medical supplies – there is no comfort even for the dead,” writes Fox News.

“What is happening is medieval. People are ‘renting’ caskets for a service, but giving them back. The same casket is being used over and over again because people cannot afford to buy one,” said Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges.

“And then they have to wrap the body in plastic bags for the burial. Others don’t have money for a land plot, so they are burying loved ones in their back garden,” he added.

“Funeral services are too expensive. Coffins are expensive, as well as paying for a place in the cemetery and everything that comes with it: the chapel for the service, the plate,” said one resident. “People cannot have a decent funeral.”

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